King of Thieves MOD APK v2.5.2.3 for Android

King of Thieves MOD APK v2.5.2.3 for Android
Name King of Thieves King of Thieves is the most famous version in the King of Thieves series of publisher ZeptoLab
Publisher ZeptoLab
Genre Strategy
Size 10mb
Version 2.51.3
Total installs 10,000,000
Update March 15, 2022
Android Android Strategy
4.3 ( 299 ratings )
Price: $0

Download the latest version of King of Thieves MOD APK for Android. King of Thieves with a cute cartoon style and fresh colors like the previous Cut The Rope, King of Thieves has been a tremendous success thanks to its unique gameplay that combines running and jumping games. It is also a confrontation between players.

The player’s mission at King of Thieves is to find ways to invade over 80 dungeons and steal gold and silver from the entire kingdom or from friends. If you’ve played a discordant game genre like Pirates King, you probably understand the great joy of stealing gold and silver from your friends and vice versa.

To celebrate 10 million downloads, publisher ZeptoLab has released a huge new update to King of Thieves Game MOD Download. With this new update, players will be able to participate in team battles (guild battles). Two teams with similar characteristics compete for which team will win more gems and gold coins in less time.

King of Thieves MOD Game Information

King of Thieves is one of the latest games from Zepto Lab, the founder of the Cut The Rope series of games, with the great success of the cute monster Om Nom. King of Thieves has received a lot of praise from the gaming community.
The game maintains a traditional style that is easy to play and access, but becomes more difficult as you level up. King of Thieves takes players to a small thief who is tasked with stealing gold and jewels from other players to

rebuild the dungeon.

Here, players can combine gems to get more valuable treasures, and trap locations need to be designed to prevent looting by other players. ZeptoLab did a great job competing with friends and other players in the King of Thieves,

combining casual and multiplayer genres.

The King of Thieves gameplay is also easy and addictive. The game includes many game levels that correspond to completely different dungeons. The player controls a tiny thief overcoming obstacles on the way and reaching the destination safely.

Obstacles will vary from traps, guillotines, cannons to giant monsters ready to devour the little thief. So, players always have to control their characters to run, fly, jump, and stick to the wall continues to be able to overcome difficult challenges. However, after each round, the rewards will partly repay the effort worth the effort, which is the

treasures full of gold and valuable gems.

You will have to overcome these pitfalls by running and jumping like other platform games. On the other hand, you also need to protect your treasure from other thieves.

The game has low to high level traps that you can place freely, but there is also the limitation that you cannot cover the entire room with traps. With its unique gameplay, high connectivity, and cute graphics, the King of Thieves is considered a calm yet appealing breeze for mobile gaming fans on long vacations.

Special King of Thieves MOD Game APK features

King of Thieves Game – Story

King of Thieves MOD Game is based on a unique story in which every player in the game world is a thief. That is correct! You need to break into your neighbor’s house and steal your property in order to get rich. But remember that you have to overcome the pitfalls they set to achieve your evil goals and protect your property.

You fall into the role of a thief with many tricks and special abilities. Your mission is to break into hidden treasures from other players and steal valuable items. Of course, other players won’t let you take your stuff easily, they will stop you by setting traps.

King of Thieves – Operating System

As mentioned earlier, King of Thieves APK MOD GAME has a simpler one-touch control mechanism. Therefore, the character will move automatically and touch the screen once at a time to make the man jump.

Obstacles are moving gear, sentries that block the way to your neighbor’s treasure. The player needs to operate accurately. One mistake is enough for a character to lose his life.

King of Thieves – Task

What’s more, players can also come to a living system with about 80 game levels waiting for you to explore. Each game screen is locked with many locks and will only open if the player activates the correct primary lock.

King of Thieves – Graphic

When it comes to graphics, King of Thieves MOD Game retains the same beautiful style as his brothers. In-game images are displayed in colorful animations, eye-catching, and easy-to-see orientations. Game sounds also provide a fun atmosphere for players with fast-paced and engaging background music.

Other King of Thieves Game Highlights

Some of the main features and new features that have just been updated in the latest version of the game:

A unique platform game with online multiplayer mode. Design your dungeon to protect your treasure. Upgrade your traps and create costumes for your character.

Use add-ons to break your opponent’s defenses.

Compete with other players in multiple tournaments and get big rewards. A small updated version fixes some bugs and improves the stability of the game.

Build Recovery:

Build members can help each other steal treasure. Participate in guild battles: Team up with other guildmates and take your guild to the pinnacle of glory. With over 80 different levels of prolific escape systems that players can explore, each level is locked with multiple locks and will only be unlocked if the player activates the correct central lock. On top of that, in-game graphics designed in a whimsical style. Images are directed towards eye-friendly, colorful and eye-catching animations. Game sounds also provide a fun atmosphere for players with fast-paced and engaging background music.

Comprehensive evaluation advantage

Talking about the platform, King of Thieves Android lets players think of games like N + and Super Meat Boy with adventure themes that turn highly skilled people from super thieves. Simply operate and move the flying character and the

Direction will change automatically.

The game screen is pretty narrow and has some confusing pitfalls. Therefore, every time I successfully complete a flight move, I am very excited. After a hard jump, you can upgrade your trap system or upgrade your base to keep more money.

The game has a gem-making system for mining in mines to raise rankings, creating new bases, and forming guilds when the best gems in the timber league are available. As a game that many players prefer PvP, King of Thieves clearly requires a network connection to unleash in-game theft.

In addition to the primary level, you can visit any player’s base and take revenge on attacking the hideout. A game where players can “die” as much as they want is a lot of fun. At the same time, it helps beginner players by removing traps and slowing downtime.

King of Thieves Game APK – Disadvantages

In addition to the above good points, King of Thieves Game MOD most disappointing player is the significantly suppressed unlocking system (Pick Lock). In fact, there are only 11 buttons in this game.

If you want to play a level, you need to choose from 34 locks and open the center lock on the right side. Most importantly, there are many levels up to more. It turns the game into an invisible game of chance, and the super thief does not show the ability to choose a lock.

The number of keys is very small and you may only play for a few minutes, so you will need to take a break as you run out of keys. You have to watch a promotional video, wait about 4 minutes to get something important, or spend

Money to buy additional keys.

What the King of Thieves MOD APK showed wasn’t completely satisfying to the player. I regret the potential product, but I’m refraining from the element of additional purchases in the game.

Developed by Halfbrick, the founder of the groundbreaking Ninja Fruit series, Jetpack Joyride has been in complete conflict with player expectations for this rumored Rambo 4.0 game since its release.

Although it started long ago, the sharpness that this mobile game brings is still very influential. This reflects Jetpack

Joyride’s long and consistently high position on the game charts.

The reason Jetpack is called Joyride Rumbo 4.0 is because Halfbrick built the game with similar details, with a story very similar to previous Rumbo games.

Interesting King of Thieves MOD APP Gameplay

You transform into Barry and embark on an adventure with a very sophisticated machine gun system on your back. The exciting thing is not to destroy the enemy with regular guided bullets. The enemy bounces off the jet engine.
Therefore, the only way to properly deal with a threat is to fly high. Keep a safe distance in mind so that you have many obstacles and can take the best workaround.

Amazing controllability with MOD King of Thieves APK

When it comes to control systems, Halfbrick is a minimalist who just clicks and drops to help Barry get in and out. There are also many protective items and accessories that offer useful benefits.

Very noteworthy about JetPack Joyride is the infinite customization, weapon power, or killing threat system that appears in the game. Without these factors, Halfbrick would be difficult to impress the player. Fortunately, however, when JetPack Joyride puts them all together, they compensate each other and combine to draw the player into an endless adventure.

Additional purchase

Another notable element is the game’s paid item system. As with any free game, maximizing revenue through advertising is not foreign to everyone.

Jetpack Joyride is no exception, and it’s no exaggeration to say that Halfbrick will benefit if more than 80% of its support articles are available to see ads. However, spending a little time regaining and retrieving details isn’t too big and is beneficial to the player.

This is a great game, especially for gamers who love action-packed and fun genres. This beautiful game can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play. The last word

ZeptoLab-The founders of the blockbuster puzzles, Cut the Rope and Pudding Monsters recently released a new super product called King Of Thieves. This game is designed for one-touch action and character control which has never been easier.

King of Thieves MOD APK has an even easier one-touch control mechanism. Therefore, the character will move automatically and touch the screen once at a time to make the man jump. King of Thieves is a unique intellectual game that has been available since early 2015 on both Android and iOS operating systems. Windows PC and Windows Phone versions have just been released.

It is a game that combines a running game and a confrontation between players. In general, the King of Sieves is perfect for players who challenge wit and may fall in love with these new bunkers.

Whats New

Here are the version notes:

- Added six new trap costumes.
- An option to permanently remove the ads for Star Master by purchasing the No Ads Pass.
- Prepared the activities for the 7th anniversary. Stay tuned to our social media for the details.
- Bugfixes and improved the stability of the game.

Good luck in the dungeons, thieves!

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