Last Pirate Mod Apk 1.4.1 (Unlimited Money and Free purchase)

Last Pirate Mod Apk 1.4.1 (Unlimited Money and Free purchase)
Name Last Pirate: Survival Island Adventure Last Pirate: Survival Island Adventure is the most famous version in the Last Pirate: Survival Island Adventure series of publisher RetroStyle Games UA
Publisher RetroStyle Games UA
Genre Adventure
Size 167.28 MB
Version 1.4.1
Total installs 10,000,000
Update May 4, 2022
MOD A lot of money/Free purchases
Android Android Adventure
4.3 ( 185 ratings )
Price: $0

Download the latest verion of offical Last Pirate Mod APK for Android. If you like exploring new places and demonstrating your survival instincts, Last Pirate: Survival Island Adventure is for you. Being on a Lost Island-Have you ever faced this situation before? But with Last Pirate Mod Survival Island Adventure, you need to be on the island. There are many dangers lurking here. Join Last Pirate MOD Game: Survivival Island Adventure and experience amazing things.

Last Pirate Mod Game; Realistic, beautiful, but dangerous world

Last Pirate: Survival Island Adventure is one of the games developed and offered by RetroStyle Games UA. Private Enterprise was founded in 2010 by Pavel Konstantinov. Last Pirate MOD APK: Survival Island Adventure is an adventure genre game. The game can be installed on mobile devices and tablets running Android and iOS operating systems. Last Pirate: Survival Island Adventure is available on Google Play, App Store and Amazon. This game is for single player and can be downloaded for free.

Last Pirates MOD game: Survival Island Adventure-Enter a realistic and beautiful world. Here you can see forests full of trees and bamboo, clear blue skies with white clouds, white sandy beaches and beaches with turquoise waters. There are also many accident locks and wooden houses. Butterflies fly. Chickens search around the house. Everything is very peaceful. But don’t fool you with the tranquility here. There are many dangers lurking on this island. Sea monsters such as zombies, krakens, and godzilla. Be aware that they can attack you at any time.

In addition, smooth 3D graphics ensure a realistic experience. It can be used to catch fish that resemble real fish. The image of a character looks like a human in real life. The day-night cycle takes you to the real world. Also, the sound of the game is very lively. You can hear the sound of chopping wood and the barking of chickens. They make the game more interesting and realistic.

Last Pirate Mod APK; Find a way to survive

In Last Pirate: Survival Island Adventure, players become pirates. Your ship is being attacked by various pirates. And now you are on the island. You have to find a way to survive here. To do this, you first need to know how to move your character and attack your enemies. Touch the control button on the left and move your finger in the direction you want to move the character. In the game you will be attacked by zombies, bears, boars. So you have to attack them before they kill you. To attack the enemy, you need to tap the button with the image of the hand. In addition, the character can perform steps or jump. When they attack you, they help you dodge your enemies.

Like most survival games, players have no food. Last Pirate MOD APK Download: Survival Island Adventure is the same. You need to look for food on the island. Food can be bundles of bananas, coconuts, sugar cane, chicken, fish and more. However, some types of foods contain toxins. So check carefully before eating. However, you will need a backpack to hold the collected food and ingredients. In the game you can collect different kinds of food. However, some foods require processing and cooking. If you do not do this, your character will be weakened.

You can also make weapons to fight your enemies. To make a new weapon, you need to collect materials such as wood, stone, and leather. Each weapon has its own material requirements. For example, Stone Hatchet and Stone Pickaxe require 25 WOODs and 10 STONEs. However, you will need 50 woods and 1 leather to make a repair hammer. Collect lots of materials, make lots of good weapons, and attack your enemies better.

Last Pirate Mod; Indicators and languages ​​to watch out while playing

The game has three indicators that you need to know. These are indicators of health, hunger and thirst. These are important in Last Pirate Game MOD: Survivival Island Adventure. And when they’re exhausted, your character is killed and you have to find food and ingredients and start over. But you can find a character to take your backpack.

In addition, publishers offer players many languages. Last Pirate Game APK: Survival Island Adventure has up to 11 languages ​​including English, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Turkish, Romanian, Dutch and Korean. These languages ​​help players around the world better understand the mission. You can change the display language in the game settings.

Last Pirate Mod and Adventure games bring you many new experiences

With realistic, smooth 3D graphics and lively sound, Download Last Pirate MOD: Survival Island Adventure takes you to a beautiful world with lots of interesting things. But watch out for dangerous alien creatures, sea monsters like krakens and godzilla. So, in this game you can create many weapons to fight and kill your enemies, or build an ark to protect yourself from posthumous zombies. In the game you need to find a way to survive on the lost island. This will improve your skills and show your survival instinct. Gather food, explore the island like a nomad, sail on a raft and live a fishing life.

You can also join the game and become a pirate at any time. Last Pirate Game MOD APK: Survival Island Adventure doesn’t require an internet connection. It also helps to relax your mind when you are tired. Join Last Pirate: Survivival Island Adventure and experience something fascinating. It’s time to become the best pirate on the island and extend your survival to the last day.

Whats New

* Fix an additional quest (the pirate did not fall from the tree).

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