A former eBay executive faces up to 20 years in prison

by admin, Monday, 16 May 2022 (3 months ago)

Big names do not like reporters and bloggers. There have been myriad cases where the big brands have tried to acquire various bloggers. Honestly, some bloggers count on such cases when they start blogging. After all, famous brands are also big disasters. There has recently been a stir around eBay and more specifically around its former executives.

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In 2020, Ina and David Steiner, the publishers behind the EcommerceBytes newsletter, posted negative content on eBay. To limit the couple, former eBay employees Harville, James Baugh, Stephanie Popp, Brian Gilbert, Stephanie Stockwell, Veronica Zea and Philip Cooke decided to take action.

Surprisingly, they decided to punish them by sending various items such as a box of live cockroaches, a funeral wreath and books on surviving the loss of a spouse in the couple’s home. Former eBay employees did not stop and continued to threaten them by sending messages through fake social media accounts.

Of course, bloggers did not sit tight. They sued eBay and several employees last summer. According to the couple, it is a conspiracy to “intimidate, threaten to kill, torture, intimidate, persecute and silence them” in order to “stifle their eBay reports”.

Former eBay executive and his gang

Last Thursday, David Harville, the former director of global eBay resilience, pleaded guilty. He became the last eBay employee to be indicted in the case and plead guilty. However, the other six had their own role in the couple’s terror plan.


Harville and other former eBay employees were indicted in June 2020. But Harville was not the only organizer. Prosecutors say another former eBay executive, James Baugh, was coordinating the harassment campaign and asked Harville to go with him to Boston to spy on the couple. Harville did everything that was said. He bought tools, broke into the couple’s garage and installed a GPS tracker in their car.

The guardian says Harville pleaded guilty during a teleconference hearing before a Boston federal court. A day later, on Wednesday, his lawyers received an email with this information inside, asking them to comment.

One month ago, Baugh pleaded guilty to the harassment campaign. He faces up to 20 years in prison. The court will issue the verdict on September 29, 2022. Other eBay employees, Popp, Stockwell, Gilbert and Cooke pleaded guilty in 2020. Among them, Cooke was subsequently sentenced to 18 months in prison.

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