A woman was “sexually assaulted” in Meta’s experience

by admin, Tuesday, 31 May 2022 (2 months ago)

If there is one growing trend in the technology industry it is the post-universe. We have been seeing the idea become popular in recent months, especially since Meta, formerly known as Facebook Inc, announced its focus on creating a Metaverse experience. In fact, the company has promised and is doing everything in its power to popularize the department. “Horizon Worlds” is one of Meta’s biggest efforts to create a true virtual world experience. However, the first concerns about the post-universe are beginning to emerge.

A virtual “sexual assault” is possible

The victim is a 21-year-old woman who created a female avatar in the Meta game “Horizon World”. He wanted to complete the relevant research by experiencing the “perverse”. In less than an hour, she was “sexually assaulted” by an avatar man, while another passerby booked next to her.

Interestingly, everything seems to be part of an experiment conducted by SumOfUs. It is a non-profit organization that works to limit the growing power of companies. The nonprofit sent the girl to the virtual world earlier this month. About an hour after using the platform, her avatar “was sexually assaulted” in a “disorienting and confusing experience”.


In an interview, a Meta spokesman stressed that the researchers did not activate the personal border feature. It is a default security tool that prevents non-friends from greeting within 4 meters of your avatar.

“In Horizon World, personal boundaries for non-friends are set at almost 4 feet to make it easier to avoid unnecessary interactions,” the spokesman said. “We do not recommend disabling security features for people you do not know.”

We do not know exactly what constitutes a “virtual sexual assault” or at least not in today’s post-universe. However, a red light is definitely on in our minds. If the interactions get richer in the future, we can see a lot of them happen. After all, some users will not see moral barriers in the “virtual” world. Fortunately, the woman was not harmed.

Mark Zuckerberg wants social interaction to enter the post-universe in the future

For those unfamiliar with the current situation, Metaverse is a set of virtual spaces where you can play, work and interact with people outside of the same physical space. Horizon Wolrd is the “transverse” space of Meta. It has been available since last December. It allows users to party with others, play games and create their own virtual worlds. It is an early step in the ambition of Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg to transform the platform into a “meta-transformer”. The company recently opened a metaverse store, and more interactions will follow. Obviously, 6G connectivity will enhance the post-universe in the coming years.

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