Android 13 adds earthquake warning feature

by admin, Thursday, 12 May 2022 (3 months ago)

At the I / 0 2022 conference this morning, Google released a number of Pixel phones, as well as the most important new system, Android 13. Many new features have been added, one of which is earthquake warning. Although this system is new to native Android, Chinese users are not new to this feature. According to Google, Android 13’s built-in earthquake warning feature has two parts. The first is the mobile phone that will make use of the built-in accelerometers in current smartphones. By detecting relevant changes, it can determine the occurrence of an earthquake.

google earthquake warning system

If the cell phone detects an earthquake, it will send a signal to Google Earthquake Detection Service and indicate the possible location. The server will then combine various information to determine if an earthquake has occurred. It will also determine where it appears and how big it is. Finally, it will send alerts and even call emergency numbers.

Although this is a new feature in Android 13, for Chinese mobile phone users, earthquake alarm is not a new feature. Xiaomi, Huawei and other mobile phones have built-in earthquake warning services. The principle of early earthquake warning on Xiaomi mobile phones is that after an earthquake occurs, using the principle that radio waves travel faster than seismic waves, it can quickly issue early warning alarms for a few seconds to tens of seconds in the area. This will give them time to avoid impending disaster and reduce losses.

google earthquake warning system

Xiaomi and Huawei earthquake warning systems

While by Xiaomi The earthquake warning system dates back to 2019, Huawei’s that dates back to 2020. Xiaomi’s earthquake warning function uses a pop-up box to send a reminder to users. Reminds users when the network detects an impending earthquake that could cause a strong ground vibration. It will also determine the location of the seismic waves, the epicenter and the magnitude of the earthquake. Once the warning countdown is complete, an emergency service will be provided.

EMUI 11 system supports early earthquake warning. When any surrounding earthquake occurs, the mobile phone will activate a pop-up window and the alarm will sound. It provides a way to escape in a timely manner and also provides information on emergency shelters and medical assistance. It will help users get timely help in case of an earthquake. Again, this feature is only available in one Chinese city – Sichuan. Thus, both Huawei and Xiaomi earthquake warning functions have similar functions.

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