Apple finally lets you see your Wi-Fi network password

by admin, Wednesday, 8 June 2022 (2 months ago)

In iOS 16, Apple finally included the option to view the stored Wi-Fi password. According to MacRumors, iOS 16 developer beta includes the ability to browse and copy Wi-Fi passwords to share with friends and relatives. To view a saved password, you must first authenticate using Face ID, Touch ID, or a password, and then have the opportunity to copy it.

If you own an iPhone, you know how difficult it is to exchange Wi-Fi credentials with a family member or acquaintance who owns an Android device or a Windows laptop when they visit. You still have to look for the Wi-Fi password on the back of the router or on this old piece of paper. where you should not save passwords anyway, even though your phone is connected to the network. Once iOS 16 is available, the days of this familiar race will be over.

Since the person trying to connect to your network also has an iPhone, iPad or Mac, sharing a Wi-Fi password is simple and straightforward on iOS. This modification will be available to everyone as soon as iOS 16 is official.

You can now view your Wi-Fi network password with iOS 16

Apple is currently testing iOS 16 in developer beta, with a public beta expected in July. Along with a powerful Live Text feature, iCloud shared image libraries and more, iOS 16 features significant improvements to the lock screen and communications.

iOS 16
Source: MacRumors

IOS messaging will also be better, according to Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software development. There will be new features there, such as the option not to send messages, mark them as unread. and edit them after sending them, among other things.

Thanks to the improved dictation feature, the message set will also be improved. At the same time, the keypad will appear during voice input. allowing you to move quickly between different input modes. It is worth noting that the algorithm can even dictate emojis.

In addition, iOS 16 will feature video text recognition. which allows you not only to translate on the go but also to save data in text format.

Apple spent a lot of time at WWDC 2022 talking about how iOS 16 makes Apple devices more gaming friendly. It turned out that it was not just the Metal API or the new Game Center that was to blame.

More controls are now available in iOS 16, including controllers for the Nintendo Switch. We are talking about both Joi-Con and Pro Controller. Since they are not completely independent auditors, support for the former is somewhat surprising. However, with the right cover, the iPhone can be a switch-like device.

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