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by admin, Friday, 27 May 2022 (3 months ago)

As the WWDC developer conference approaches, more details about iOS 16 / iPadOS 16 are now available online. From the available leaks and speculationsthe new system will be enhanced in multitasking. Recent revelations suggest that the upcoming iPadOS 16 will further enhance the iPad’s multitasking capabilities. In addition, the system will allow users to resize windows.

iOS 16

The feature, which Apple has embedded in the open source WebKit infrastructure code on the Github platform, is expected to be announced at next month’s WWDC 2022 conference. The code seems to imply that the user has complete freedom to resize the window on iPadOS. Many people have been looking for this feature since Apple moved the iPad to its own operating system.

A separate Github update from Apple engineers also appears to demonstrate the addition of the iPad multitasking feature. For this actual performance, some developers claim that they believe it can work like the “tablet mode” of Windows 10 and can be changed at any time.

iOS 16

Apple’s iOS 16 Ultimate screenshot leak – will add a ton of useful features

Recently, the final version of the iOS 16 concept illustration shot by Nicholas Ghigo was unveiled. From the images, iOS 16 will redesign the desktop icons. This will give users an innovative feel and add many long-awaited practical features. Among other features, iOS 16 will add shortcut icons to the bottom of the lock screen interface. It also supports customization, the application resource library can be found in the Dock bar. In addition, this system will feature interactive desktop widgets, multiple timers, and an application lock. It will also add a calculator support history, a new multitasking interface, a new control center and more.

iOS 16

The company recently sent a reminder to developers. The reminder is that from As of June 30, 2022, all applications that support account creation must have the account delete feature. According to Apple instructions, applications should make it easier for users to find account deletion options. Applications should also ensure that users can choose to delete all their personal data. In iOS 16, there will be more applications that provide the function of deleting accounts.

In addition, Apple’s Mark Gurman also claims that iOS 16 will have obvious changes in alerts and health.

iOS 16

Author comment: This time iOS 16 will bring creative and dynamic changes in many aspects. To optimize the user experience, the system will add more features.

The preview of Apple’s iOS 15.6 developer is here

With almost 3 weeks left until WWDC22, more reports on iOS 16 are available online. However, before the arrival of iOS 16, Apple must release iOS 15.6. According to reports, iOS 15.6 Developer Preview Update is now available for iPhone users. This system focuses on fixing bugs while also improving some missing features.


According to the news, after the upgrade to iOS 15.6, the operation of the iPhone becomes smoother. In addition, battery life and heat problems are getting better. System users claim that the software opens faster and that the games are also smoother. Also, the heating during the game is no longer so severe.

In addition, according to Mark Gurman, the first public beta of iOS 16 will be official in July this year. This is a little later than the usual time frame. The first public beta will run at the same time as the third developer beta. Mark Gurman claims that the public beta of iOS 16 was delayed because of some bugs in the system.

In iOS 16, blind or visually impaired people can use door detection to be guided. Users with physical or mobility disabilities can use the Apple Watch Mirroring on their iPhone to fully control their Apple Watch with accessibility features such as voice control and toggle control. Deaf people can watch real-time subtitles on iPhone, iPad and Mac. Users with language problems adjust the waiting time for Siri to respond to commands, etc.

Apple also said it would expand support for the industry-leading display reader, VoiceOver, with more than 20 new language and region options, all of which will be available through software updates later this year.

Author comment:

While there may be issues with iOS 16 right now, if things are going well, it is still possible apple will release the public beta of iOS 16 in time.

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