Apple will add digital key support for Hyundai and BYD vehicles

by admin, Thursday, 2 June 2022 (2 months ago)

Apple is working hard to transform the experience it offers with its devices. Since the announcement of iOS 15, the company has unveiled a suite of features to make the Wallet app a powerful database for your information and also a place to store documents. After a few months, the company continues to extend Driving and Identity support through the app, but the company wants more. Now, the company also allows some drivers to store their car digital keys in the app. It’s a revolution to be honest, and now it ‘s expanding Hyundai and BYD vehicles.

The feature allows users to lock, unlock and start their vehicles using a fold stored in Wallet. The feature works via iPhone or Apple Watch and Ultra Wideband with Express Mode in iOS 15 can even lock and unlock compatible cars automatically. You just have to get closer without even waking up your device.

Apple Wallet

Hyundai and BYD are part of the Apple Wallet

The feature was available from 2020. However, it was limited to BMW vehicles, as the manufacturer was the first to shake hands with Apple. A few months ago, Apple started citing many Genesis and Kia models as supporting the functionality. Now, with the addition of both Hyundai and BYD, we can see that the company is really interested in making the feature widely compatible in the coming months. The information was located through an Apple Pay file. However, Genesis went through the same situation before being included in the list of supported cars. Therefore, we can conclude that it is only a matter of time before Hyundai and BYD become compatible with Apple Wallet.

The inclusion of Hyundain in the list of car brands is an important step. However, this is not a big surprise. After all, Genesis and Kia were among the first to adopt. Genesis is a luxury Hyundai brand. Hyundai is also Kia’s largest shareholder and the two companies are very close. An earlier report from Bloomberg confirmed the addition of Hyundai along with Genesis “This Summer”. With “Summer” just around the corner, we can expect support to arrive soon.

For those who do not know, BYD is a Chinese brand. It is trying to stabilize its steps in other countries. According to a recent announcement, it will proceed with the exclusive sale of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Adding to Apple Wallet is a good advertisement for the growing brand. Apple is reportedly working on its own electric car and will definitely have some smart integration with Apple devices.

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