Become a treasure hunter with a discount metal detector

by admin, Tuesday, 31 May 2022 (3 months ago)

Ever dreamed of finding a buried lost pirate treasure? Are you adventurous and the search for mysteries is your second nature? Then you will definitely love a special gadget with a discount from Aliexpress. With the stylish MD4030 portable metal detector, you can instantly become a treasure hunter. You may not find a real gold coin chest, but your garden may have some surprises for you anyway. And of course the detector is also extremely economical.

The metal detector will come in handy when looking for coins or small metal objects, but also when checking underground pipes or cables. It has a fairly long adjustable stem with a nice adjustable armrest and a large control unit. You can adjust the search functions and the sensitivity to your desire and with the connected headphones your search will become even easier. The search coil itself is waterproof, so you can even go on shallow water adventures. But the main body of course is not waterproof, so diving missions are not possible.

Whether you are a treasure hunter or an avid amateur archaeologist, this gadget will definitely be in your alley. Pricing can also surprise you a lot, because getting such an advanced metal detector is not expensive at all. Current sales on Aliexpress can reduce the price of MD4030 to $ 38.99, which is an extremely affordable offer. So get one and look for the next treasure chest!

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