Benchmarks Intel Alder Lake i7-12800HX: disappointing performance

by admin, Friday, 13 May 2022 (3 months ago)

Intel unveiled a few new powerful processors for gaming laptops a few days ago, including the Core i7-12800HX. The chip is not yet available on the market, but the first benchmarks have already revealed its performance.

Our Chinese colleagues from Golden Pig upgrade package have already managed to get their hands on the new 12th generation Intel Alder Lake Core i7-12800HX chip. Recall that only the CPU HX has 16 lines of Gen5 for the GPU and 4 lines for the Gen4 SSD. The chipset adds another 16 Gen4 lines and 12 Gen3 lines.

The Golden Pig upgrade package compared the performance of two Lenovo Legion Y9000 computers with 16 GB of DDR5 4800 MHz RAM and an RTX 3070 Ti. The only difference between the two engines: one is powered by the new Core i7-12800HX, while the other is equipped with a more traditional Core i7-12700H.

With 16 cores and PL1 and PL2 power levels between 125W and 175W, Intel’s new i7-12800HX chip was expected to be much faster than its smaller sibling, which should be enough for 14 cores. and power levels between 115 and 135 W, but ultimately this is not the case.

Intel Alder Lake i7-12800HX has disappointing performance gains, according to first benchmarks

According to the Golden Pig Upgrade Pack benchmarks, the performance gain on the new chip is quite insignificant. Indeed, the i7-12800HX processor offers the same performance of a kernel to processor-related benchmarks. On the games side, the performance of the games did not bring significant improvements. with the exception of some AAAs that are entitled to some extra FPS with the new chip.

Only the multi-core ratings increased by about 15%, which is not surprising given the two extra cores that the i7-12800HX benefits from. If you plan to use your computer for gaming, it’s therefore not very important to choose this new processor. The i7-12700H released earlier this year offers very similar performance. and above all it will be much more affordable.

Intel Alder Lake i7-12800HX

Recently, Intel introduced Meteor Lake processors, which will hit the market next year if Intel does not need to postpone the release again.

These will be the company’s first CPUs based on Intel 4 (7nm) process technology. as well as Intel’s first consumer multi-chip processors. The company itself refers to individual brands as tiles.

Meteor Lake will consist of four tiles, based on three different technical processes. For example, the GPU will produce TSMC according to N3 standards.

Meteor Lake processors will be based on completely new architectures for both large and small processor cores. In addition, the GPU will also have a new architecture. This is an important generation for Intel, but recently there have been rumors that it may be delayed. due to the fact that Intel can port TSMC and processor board production.

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