Black Friday offers return for Ivacy VPN, only $ 60 for a 5 year program

by admin, Saturday, 14 May 2022 (3 months ago)

Concerns about internet privacy are becoming even more important these days. Being safe and secure during your Internet browsing is always paramount. Therefore, VPN services are essential for anyone with a PC. And in addition to enhanced security, you will have much more added value. Because unlocking geo-blocked content for streaming services is a huge benefit for anyone. Ivacy VPN can handle all of this with ease and now returns even with Black Friday offers.

Ivacy VPN is one of the most respected VPN services out there with a long history dating back to 2007. VPN (also known as Virtual Private Network) is the perfect solution for protecting your identity and privacy online. While also allowing you to access content with geographical restrictions. Ivacy VPN offers it all using more than 3500 servers in more than 100 locations worldwide. So the choices of IP addresses are really extensive. With this you will have no problem accessing 7+ Netflix sites or unblocking Disney +, Hulu, the BBC player and more.


Ivacy VPN

By using the VPN, you can also make sure that your cybersecurity is up to date and that you will not be afraid of public Wi-Fi networks. The split tunneling function will automatically switch between VPN and LAN for the necessary websites or services, which require local contact. Being the fastest VPN out there, Ivacy VPN is of course also a pretty safe bet for P2P torrent downloads. Ivacy VPN It also does not maintain logs of your activity and offers maximum compatibility across all platforms.

Black Friday offers and prices are back!

The simple Ivacy VPN subscription can also be used on 10 devices at the same time. So it is more than enough for a household or a large family. And the most effective subscription program is the 5 year, which costs only $ 1 per month. This is only $ 60 in total for 5 years VPN service on the top shelf. Enough stealing, isn’t it? And now they throw something extra, because you will get the Sticky Password Manager completely free on it. So be careful not to miss it and get it, as long as the offer lasts.

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