Detailed Honor 70 OLED Visionox display technology

by admin, Wednesday, 1 June 2022 (2 months ago)

On May 30, Honor unveiled the Honor 70, 70 Pro and 70 Pro + smartphones. These devices are equipped with Dimensity 9000, Dimensity 8000 and Snapdragon 778G + respectively. All have Sony IMX800 main cameras and price range between 2,699 and 4,599. Shortly after the announcement, Visionox, a provider of display solutions, revealed that it supplies the flexible AMOLED display for all Honor 70 series smartphones. detailed four innovative features that come with these screens.

Innovation 1: The first mass production of the new VM6 material system

The Honor 70 series uses Visionox’s new VM6 system for the first time. Achieves high maximum brightness of 1000 nit. However, the total energy consumption is reduced by about 20% compared to the previous generation material. In addition, the materials system also achieves a smoother visual experience. There is no spotting delay at a high refresh rate of 120 Hz in conjunction with a smart adjustment algorithm.

Innovation 2: Upgraded tripod pixel layout

At the previous Visionox technology innovation conference in 2022, Visionox introduced a tripod-shaped pixel layout with a “dual series of tripods” design. Clearer, more detailed appearance.


Innovation 3: Aesthetic Design

This time, the Visionox flexible AMOLED display used in the Honor 70 series makes full use of the “flexibility”. It greatly improves the aesthetics of the design of the phone. Among them, the 6.78-inch AMOLED display on the Honor 70 Pro and Honor 70 Pro + has achieved a fully symmetrical design with four curves. In addition, it has passed the HDR Vivid World Ultra HD Video Industry Alliance certification, with high frequency 1920Hz dimming PWM and 120Hz screen refresh rate and 1.07 billion color screen.

Innovation 4: Visual performance

Honor 70

In addition to achieving 100% DCI-P3 color gamut coverage, the Honor 70 series also manages the color shift trajectory (0 ° ~ 60 °) in the second and third quadrants of CIE-1976 color coordinates. Provides smooth curve transition and visual visualization of a bending area 3D. There is also good color consistency under different viewing angles. At the same time, Visionox can also customize color alignment curve management to meet customer needs to meet different needs.

The Honor 70 series will soon reach global markets

The Honor 70, 70 Pro and 70 Pro + have hit the Chinese market, but may soon be available in global markets. In China, we expect that the new updated line will help Honor gain more fans in the domestic market. After all, the company managed to take third place with the release of the Honor 50 and Honor 60 series. For some, Honor has the potential to become the new Huawei in global markets. In addition, the former parent company still faces several issues to operate in global markets. There is a reluctance of global customers to use a system without Google Mobile applications, as well as a lack of 5G in expensive flagships. Huawei recently lost the Leica brand on smartphones.

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