ExpressVPN reveals the most commonly used password in Malaysia

by admin, Wednesday, 11 May 2022 (3 months ago)

ExpressVPN has revealed the most widely used password in Malaysia, reminding people to avoid using shared passwords. In particular, ExpressVPN is one of the most popular VPN service providers in the world. May 5th was World Password Day. ExpressVPN revealed the most commonly used passwords in the world to indicate the occasion. The study shows that people in Malaysia are quite romantic. In Malaysia, “sayang” is the most widely used password. Sayang in English means “dear”, according to Google translate.

ExpressVPN Passwords Malaysia

Recall that hackers were able to steal Malaysian banking data through fake shopping applications. ExpressVPN has revealed that people around the world use “123456” as their password. This is not the ideal password. The company then divides the results into two categories. These include language and country. Cultural differences produce more differentiated results. English speakers use the “password” for their ID. German speakers tend to use the same word. However, they use the German spelling of “passwort”.

ExpressVPN reveals the most common password in Malaysia

“Azerty” holds a high position among the French-speaking nations. This is a common password because this is how their keyboards are arranged. In addition, the study reveals the passwords commonly used by Southeast Asians. The common password in Malaysia and Indonesia is the same. Most people in these countries use “sayang” as their password. Likewise, Americans use “iloveyou” as their password. ExpressVPN explained the meaning of Sayang in a Facebook post. The term sayang is used to express love and affection.

Common ExpressVPN passwords worldwide

Sayang is also used to express his favorite. It can be used to express a missed opportunity. “Juventus” is the most common password in Italy. This is because Juventus Football Club is a popular football team. The average adult in the US is unaware of choosing strong passwords, according to the study. The average American is said to use the same password on six different platforms. They use the same passwords on other sites. They tend to use their first and last name in the password. Their company urges them to use password managers. It also recommends creating long passwords.

In addition, ExpressVPN suggests that passwords should ideally be large. They should ideally include symbols, numbers and random letters. Also, its users should ensure that the passwords are unique to each account they create. Meanwhile, VPN providers are preparing to leave India. NordVPN was preparing to leave the country at the behest of the government. In India, VPN companies now have to collect and share user data. Also, companies should store data for at least 5 years.

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