Google Discover does not detect duplicate web stories

by admin, Thursday, 16 June 2022 (2 months ago)

We assume that many of you use Google Discover as the primary way to find stories to read on Android. But it turns out that this service has a serious problem with poorly covered plagiarism in Web Stories.

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Google Discover is available on any Google product – the Google App, the Chrome New Tab Page, the Homepage, and the Pixel Phones left homepage. So Google has put it wherever possible. In a way, for Android users, it is a portal to web content. Through it, you can find the latest news articles, blog posts, Reddit submissions, YouTube videos / shorts, and the latest Web Stories.

We met in October 2020. Because of this, Web Stories have become the most popular way to create content. We can even say that it is the web version of Stories on Snapchat and Instagram. That’s why Google has put a lot of effort into making it easy for anyone to create their own Web Stories. This is much easier if you are creating Web Stories through WordPress.

Google Discover cannot detect duplicate content

However, it also means that there are many bad actors who do not play by the rules. Of course, this is not new. We mean, there are always a lot of content creators who just take what others have done and present it as their own. Google algorithms usually chase them and remove them from the first pages of search results. But that does not always work.


The top media suffer more from this. And according to various referencesplagiarism does not seem to work for Web Stories in the Discover stream.

Worse, Google is not going to fix it by making changes to its algorithm. Instead, Google blamed the publishers and said that if there were plagiarism conflicts, any company could file for legal action.

Web Stories is meant to reflect original works and we encourage rights holders to do so report of copyright infringement. If we are notified of content that infringes on someone else’s copyright, we take appropriate action.

– Google Representative

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