Google follows Apple and will remove 900,000 applications from Google Play

by admin, Sunday, 15 May 2022 (3 months ago)

The Google Play Store could see the number of available apps drop by almost a third as Google prepares to clean up old apps. Google and Apple will take action to address outstanding applications or applications that have not received updates in two years. In the case of Google, this amounts to 869,000 applications, while Apple has about 650,000. According to CNET, Google is preparing to hide these applications, making it impossible for users to download them until the developers inform them.

The main reason both companies take these measures is to protect the safety of their users. Older applications do not take advantage of changes to Android and iOS, new APIs, or new development methods that offer enhanced protection. As a result, older applications may have security issues that newer applications do not.

Google will remove 900,000 old applications from Google Play

At the same time, some developers have complained about plans to remove apps that have not been updated in the Google Play Store for two years. Some developers believe that Apple’s actions and Google they are not fair. No company seems willing to change course and – despite the concerns of developers – it is the right move for the safety of users.

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Recently, Google introduced additional restrictions on users of its digital content store in Russia. Developers will now not be able to upload paid applications. and updates for them in the Russian version of the Google Play Store. The corresponding notice appeared on the company support page.

At the same time, download free Android applications from the Russian Google Play Store is still available. Apps and games previously downloaded by users will also continue to work. In March, Google suspended the Play Store payment system for Russian users.

For paid applications, an error will occur when you try to purchase or sign up for a paid subscription using Google Payments. The message says that developers can extend the grace period for existing subscribers after the end of the next current period. Additionally, using the Developer API, developers can defer paid subscription renewals for up to a year. If the app provides “critical services”, then developers are advised to do so for free or temporarily refuse to provide paid subscriptions.

Google notes that the current situation continues to evolve rapidly. and further changes in company policy may occur in the future. Google will notify users of any innovations on the support page.

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