Google has agreed to pay $ 118 million

by admin, Sunday, 12 June 2022 (2 months ago)

Racial discrimination and gender discrimination are not new to large companies. But we must also point out that most of them are not in a position to evade justice. For example, we recently learned that Google has agreed to pay $ 118 million to settle a gender discrimination lawsuit with approximately 15,500 female employees.

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According to the plaintiffs, Google paid female employees $ 16,794 less per year than a “man in a similar position.” For many people, this is just another victory over technology companies. But this case clearly shows that there is a serious problem within the company. And the problem touches on sensitive issues such as gender discrimination.

gender discrimination on Google

By the way, in the context of gender discrimination, in 2021, 11,000 women won a decision. According to this, Google had to pay more than $ 600 million.

What else should Google do?

In addition to the payment, Google has agreed to provide all required information to an independent specialist who will analyze Google’s recruitment practices. Third, an independent labor economist will review Google’s remuneration studies.

“As a woman who has spent her entire career in technology, I am optimistic that the actions that Google has agreed to take as part of this settlement will provide more justice for women,” said Holly Pease, one of the plaintiffs. statement.

This is a coincidence. But that happened the same day a judge temporarily certified his class action in another long-running Oracle Corp case. If you do not know, we are talking about a suitcase with more than 3,000 employees in 125 different job categories.

In the case of Google, it concerns women in 236 different job titles. However, it should also be noted that identical lawsuits against Twitter Inc. and Microsoft Corp. failed to obtain a status of group action.

The pre-approval hearing is set for June 21. And only after that, the judge will make the final decision.

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