Google has authorized Tinder to use third-party payment systems

by admin, Saturday, 21 May 2022 (3 months ago)

In the middle of this month, it became known that the owner of the popular dating service Tinder, represented by the Match Group, sued Google, accusing the IT giant of forcing the use of its payment system. It is now known that the Match Group withdrew the claim, citing the fact that Google made some concessions in the use of third party payment systems.

Earlier this month, the owner of Tinder Match Group sued Google, claiming that the tech giant threatened to remove the company’s applications from the Play Store if they used third-party payment systems. The fact is that third-party payment systems in Android applications allow users not to pay Google 30% commission for each transaction. As a result, Google is forcing application developers to use their own payment system exclusively.

It is now known that the owner of Tinder Match Group has abandoned his own claims, as Google made concessions, with the result that the company’s applications are not removed from the Play Store due to providing users with the ability to conduct transactions in alternative ways. The details of the deal are still unknown, Google officials have not commented on the matter.

Tinder can now use third-party payment systems on Android

Please note that the Match Group Tinder’s lawsuit was brought in the context of Google’s ongoing litigation with Epic Games. and dozens of U.S. attorneys general, accusing the IT giant of anti-competitive behavior. At the same time, the Match Group also expressed concern about App Store policy. and the fees that Apple charges for ongoing transactions in iOS applications.

In addition to Tinder, in a separate news item, Epic Games recently filed for a preliminary ruling. to prevent Google from removing Bandcamp. a standalone online music store app from the Play Store. This is because Bandcamp uses its own payment system. and does not pay a commission to Google for transactions.

Bandcamp, which was acquired by Epic in March, has been using its own payment system since 2015, and it does so legally, as digital music services do not require the use of Google’s payment system. It is now known that Google intends to change this rule of its digital content store. as a result of which Bandcamp and other similar services will be needed. to switch to using the IT giant payment system.

In its report, Epic claims that the transition to the new payment system will prevent Bandcamp from allocating 82% of its revenue to content creators. as the platform will have to pay Google a 10% commission. It is also noted that content creators will have to wait longer for payments. as their own payment system allows transactions to be completed within 24-48 hours; while Google takes 15 to 45 days to process payments to developers.

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