Google Pixel 4 is used by scientists to study Alzheimer’s disease

by admin, Saturday, 18 June 2022 (2 months ago)

Researchers at the DigiHealth Lab at the University of California, San Diego, used a Google Pixel 4 phone to study Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers say that our eyes are one of the most important indicators for the detection of Alzheimer’s disease, especially the pupils of the eyes. People with mild cognitive impairment will have greater pupil dilation when they complete the cognitive tests. However, those with mild cognitive impairment will have greater pupil dilation. Cognitive impairment is thought to be the precursor to Alzheimer’s disease.

Google Pixel 4

Using this principle, the researchers used a Pixel 4 phone to track small changes in the size of a person’s daughter. This is done to determine if the individuals had mild cognitive impairment. This is because the Google Pixel 4 supports 3D face recognition and its infrared camera can do the job.

Although the iPhone supports 3D face recognition and makes extensive use of infrared cameras, the iOS ecosystem is closed. This means that third-party applications cannot call infrared cameras. So the Google Pixel 4 is currently the only smartphone that can be used for this research.

The Pixel 4 is a 2019 smartphone and like other Pixel devices, its cameras are top notch. That’s why scientists decided to use this device for research. However, there is no indication as to whether the devices actually achieved the expected results.

Almost two years after its release, the Pixel 4 must take legal action for a promotional video. The case claims that Google should have used “false propaganda”. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has sued Google for allegedly falsely promoting the Pixel 4. According to reports, Google ran a Pixel 4 ad on a radio station from October 28, 2019 to December 2, 2019.

In this ad, Google invited 8 users to share their experience with the Pixel 4. However, these 8 users did not really know about the Pixel 4. This means that the company had to lie in the ad. If Google loses the case, the company will pay a fine of no more than $ 10,000.

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