Google Pixel Tablet for stylus support: Confirmed!

by admin, Tuesday, 31 May 2022 (2 months ago)

Google’s first tablet was talk of the town a long time ago. Recently, in the keynote address of Google I / O, the company teased the upcoming product, namely the Google Pixel Tablet. The latter will be released in stores next year. And we know that this tablet will have the company’s internal Tensor chips, such as the Pixel smartphone. Today, from Website Universal Stylus Initiative (USI).We learned that Google Pixel tablets are expected to support the USI stylus.

USI is an organization that maintains a standard specification for interoperable pens. They ensure that the styluses work on a variety of touch screen devices, including smartphones, tablets and computers. Google has been a USI member since 2018 and has added USI support to Chrome OS.

Google Pixel Tablet stylus

From the image above, we can see that the Google Pixel Tablet codenamed Tangor has appeared on the USI website. This entry confirms that the tablet has been certified by USI to meet the specifications of the USI stylus and device.

Google Pixel tablet specifications

Rich Miner, head of tablet technology at Google, told the live broadcast of the Android Show in March: “If tablets are really going to be this new device for people to be creative and productive, what new applications will people who can they do things with a stylus outside the gate? “

At this time, the company has not revealed much about the Google Pixel Tablet. But recently, 9to5google made some assumptions that seem to be accurate.

For example, it should come with Smart Display. We mean this will allow the tablet to work with a stylus. Of course, stylus support is not going to be a point of sale. But in most cases, it should have a positive impact on buyers when considering whether or not to buy the tablet.

Another case concerns the charging of the stylus. There are two options – USB-C or AAAA batteries. But if Google has wireless charging, that can play a big role.

The team behind Android Tablets also confirmed their curiosity about the introduction of the pen and finding “what new apps people who can do things with the stylus outside the portal will take advantage of.” Therefore, we should not rule out the possibility that Google is working on interesting features that can be implemented with styluses.

Well, the lack of information does not allow us to make many assumptions. But looking at what we have, there is every reason to believe that the Google Pixel Tablet will become a direct competitor to the iPad and others like it.

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