Honor of Kings MOBA will soon be released worldwide

by admin, Thursday, 9 June 2022 (2 months ago)

Mobile games are one of those places where publishers invest billions of dollars without fear. The reason is that people like to play games… on mobile. There is even a section in the smartphone industry called gaming smartphones. It just shows that there are millions of users who are willing to pay a lot for mobile gaming products. However, there is a serious “problem” – many popular products, including games and smartphones, come from China. You may think there is nothing strange about that. But Chinese products also mean Chinese elements of design, culture, etc. The best example is Honor of Kings. We’m sure you have heard of this game. Today, we learned that the latter will have worldwide circulation.

Honor Of Kings Global

Undoubtedly, Honor of Kings is one of the most popular mobile games in the world. It is a 5v5 multiplayer online battle arena (also known as MOBA) similar to Riot League of Legends or Valve DOTA 2. In this game, you are offered to choose characters from Chinese mythology to create your own team and fight against others. However, not all mobile gamers like Chinese characters. Although this game has become very popular, many players have ignored it because of it. So the global release of the game will have to make some changes to the characters.

Another feature that needs to change is the integration of social applications. Kings Price integrates Chinese applications such as QQ and WeChat. But other users are basically using Messenger and / or WhatsApp. Therefore, we assume that the publisher will replace (or add) these applications.

Well, not much is known about the global release, but the Level Infinite developer will start inviting in a closed beta soon. Once we start, we will know more.

Mobile game

Those who are more or less familiar with the field know that Tencent, the publisher of Honor of Kings, has done so technically in the past. We mean that the Arena of Valor was released in 2017. The latter is considered the western version of Honor of Kings. But it is one thing to launch a local version but quite another to bring a universal version.

Arena of Valor

Anyway, with this move the Honor of King publisher wants to go higher. This makes a lot of sense, as mobile games like Call of Duty Mobile, Candy Crush and PUBG Mobile cost billions of dollars a year. In many markets, including the United States and Europe, Honor of Kings dominates gaming revenue and download charts. Thus, with the global release, “the image will become more vivid” and of course more beneficial for Tencent.

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