How to increase the speed of MIUI: Easy ways to make a cheap smartphone faster

by admin, Sunday, 12 June 2022 (2 months ago)

There are far more entry-level smartphones on the market than flagships. Due to the low specifications of these smartphones, it is very common to experience low speeds with these devices. With low-end devices, even small applications can cause the smartphone to hang. In addition, it can take a long time for many websites to open. However, if you are using an entry level Xiaomi smartphone, then you are in luck. There are simple ways you can improve the speed of your smartphone. The most popular Xiaomi smartphones are basic. Thus, they come with insufficient material that could make them delay when carrying a load. You can speed up the MIUI user interface and stop these sms, phones from hanging and freezing.

How to increase MIUI speed

1. Enable memory expansion

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is adding a feature to its smartphones that could help. This is the possibility of RAM expansion. Since last year, the company has released this feature for its devices. This feature uses the internal storage to create SWAP storage and relieves RAM. If you can enable this feature, then you can increase the speed of the MIUI system. While this is not as good as physical RAM, it certainly boosts speed.

MIUI speed

2. Enable Auto Cache Cleaning

Whether it is a smartphone, tablet or even a desktop computer, clearing the cache is great for operation. When cache storage is too heavy, it may cause a delay on the device. The rate at which cache fills up depends on how you use your device. With the ability to automatically clear the cache, it is now very easy to clear the cache. You no longer need to clear the cache through the recovery mode.

MIUI speed

Xiaomi The MIUI Cache Automatic Cleanser feature ensures that your cache is always clean. Each time you lock your smartphone screen, this feature clears the cache. Additionally, you can manually configure this feature to clear the cache periodically. Thus, if your hardware is inadequate, clearing the cache will ensure that all of its limited resources are spent on related functions.

3. Block system application ads

When you run the MIUI system application, you may have noticed that the system comes with built-in ads. It is important to note that these ads use certain hardware resources. This means that it can cause the smartphone to slow down. As they consume system resources, they may cause some delays in opening some functions. Since these ads are often very annoying, Xiaomi makes them optional.

MIUI speed

You can easily block ads that you are not interested in and will not appear again. To do this, all you need to do is set up a private DNS. Enter “” in the private DNS provider. You can then check if these ads are still running to make sure. This will free up some of the hardware resources and speed up the MIUI system.

4. Disable system animations

As for this method, it can work for any smartphone operating system. Some smartphone features are a great luxury for entry-level smartphones. One of these features is the system animation. Disabling this feature is a common tactic to speed up the operating system. You need to make sure the animation scales are set to 0 or 0.5. These animations will be faster than before and MIUI will be faster.


5. Keep internal storage clean

Obviously, when you load your storage space with “junk” you are asking for problems. This is because storage load significantly affects the functionality of your smartphone. This is also not specific to MIUI devices but to gadgets in general.


When the internal storage is full, the speed of the smartphone decreases. At this point, you may experience some delays and freezing of the device. You can avoid this by keeping storage as simple as possible.

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