Huawei and Nationstar Optoelectronics are working together to develop mini-LEDs

by admin, Tuesday, 31 May 2022 (2 months ago)

Huawei is struggling to keep its smartphone business at the top. The continuing restrictions caused by the ban have greatly affected the company’s smartphone business. Today, the brand focuses on some mid-range phones through the Nova range and flagship range. However, no one knows when the company’s Huawei Mate or the new P-series smartphones will arrive. The company must find a way to release a 5G smartphone, otherwise its smartphones will always be less relevant than the competition. Aware of the difficulties in the smartphone scene, Huawei has stepped up its efforts in other areas. The company has invested in the IoT sector and is also working to strengthen its monitor manufacturing capability.

In the second half of 2021, the company announced a smart display for the IoT department. The device was equipped with Refond Optoelectronics Mini LED products for the first time. However, now Huawei’s collaboration on the Mini LED is turning to Nationstar Optoelectronics. For those who do not know, the mini LED is basically an evolution of the common LED screens. LEDs are smaller, and as a result, these panels have millions more LEDs than a standard LCD monitor. this is one replacement for LCD monitors and is more energy efficient.


Huawei and Nationstar will support the development of micro LED and mini LED technologies

According to National Star Optoelectronics, this is a “cooperation agreement”. The two companies signed a “Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement” after friendly negotiations. The partnership is based on complementary advantages and mutual benefits in a common development principle. It will focus on key technologies and industrial resources of both parties. The two companies plan to conduct in-depth innovation and research to expand their future business coverage.

The two companies will jointly set up a joint innovation center for in-depth innovation. They will also work on the production and industrialization of relevant key technologies according to the needs of the market and the development of the industry. Nationstar Optoelectronics will work with its prowess on LED display, backlighting and other areas. Huawei, on the other hand, will contribute with its know-how to chips, AI, 5G etc. The companies will focus their cooperation on the development of mini and micro-LED display technology. Micro-LEDs go beyond the mini-LEDs and are even supposed to replace OLED panels in the future.

Not many companies are exploring the mini LED business. Of course, there are many monitor manufacturers working in the field. However, it is not yet widely available for the consumer market. Except for some Apple devices. In fact, Apple is going to dominate the mini LED market in the coming years. The company may even become the first to ship commercially available micro LED devices. We are curious to see the benefits that this collaboration will bring not only to these two companies but to the industry as a whole.

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