IOS 16 brings native support for the Nintendo Switch Joy Cons

by admin, Thursday, 9 June 2022 (2 months ago)

Earlier this week, Apple took to the stage at WWDC 2022 to unveil the next big thing for its software division. The Cupertino-based company introduced iOS 16, iPadOS 16, macOS Ventura, watchOS 9 and more. The company as well was revealed the new Apple M2 and a bunch of new MacBooks. Shortly after the announcement, the company has already released the Developer Preview for any software for brave first-time testers and, of course, developers. IOS 16 is already here for developers and innovations continue to be revealed at a rapid pace. Today, a new one new report confirms that iOS 16 brings native support for the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons, for those who do not know, these are two separate parts of the hybrid console that form a joystick.

IOS 16 involves subtle changes and new lock screen adjustments. Imperceptible changes may not immediately catch the eye, but they do occur daily. The company did not explicitly mention support for the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons. It is worth noting that the Nintendo Pro Controller (this is a conventional controller for the Switch) also receives support. The Joy-Cons are connected to a switch. Users can use them either as a single controller or as two individual controllers with key controls. According to app developer @Rileytestut, iOS 16 supports either one or two Joy-Cons via Bluetooth.

The original iOS 16 app does not come without errors

Apple Engineer Nat Brown confirms that you can pair two Joy-Con controllers and switch between using both or using one by pressing and holding the Capture and Home buttons on any Joy-Con. It is worth noting that iOS 16 is still in its infancy or developer beta. Therefore, the implementation will still bring errors. According to the first reports, there are already errors that occur when switching between individual and combined Joy-Cons. We are curious to see how it will work when it gains full stability. Given the “closed” nature of Apple and Nintendo, each in its own right, it is interesting to see an interaction between Nintendo accessories and Apple devices. Is this the beginning of a deeper integration? Time will tell, but it’s worth noting that the PlayStation 5 controller is also supported by iPhone and iPad devices.


According to Apple, iOS 16 will be released in Open Beta next month. The beta will probably bring fewer bugs and be more non-developer friendly. However, those who want a bug-free experience should keep waiting for iOS 15.4. The new update may be released around September.

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