IOS 16 failed to convince Android users to switch to iPhone

by admin, Wednesday, 15 June 2022 (2 months ago)

IOS 16 was more of an evolution than a revolution for iPhone users. and probably failed to persuade Android users to switch platforms.

Apple recently unveiled a new version of its iPhone iOS 16 operating system at the annual WWDC 2022 developer conference. collection clutter, the update does not seem to have impressed users on Android.

Indeed, our colleagues from Android Central interviewed their readers after the Apple conference. When asked if iOS 16 will make them change platforms on iPhone. Android users have widely reported that the update did not convince them to change their smartphone.

IOS 16 has no innovations that can convince Android users to turn to the iPhone

iOS 16

Based on 13,893 community votes, almost 63% said they would stay on Android. However, almost 24% of users said they were curious about what was new with iOS 16. While 13% of voters already had an iPhone.

Therefore, the features of iOS 16 failed to convince Android smartphone users. Many of them mocked the new features introduced by Apple. accusing him of copying the features that already exist on Android for several years. Indeed, Apple, for example, has introduced the ability to customize the lock screen on iOS 16, a feature that has been around on Android for a long time. Apple has also finally introduced Nintendo Switch Joy-Con compatibility to the iPhone.

However, all the new features of the new version of iOS are not just copies of what Android already does very well. Apple has specifically announced that security patches will now be installed automatically on iPhones, which will significantly improve their security compared to their competitors. Anyway, at the moment it seems that Android users do not have much to envy Apple users in this new version of iOS 16. We hope that Apple will continue the path of innovation next year with iOS 17.

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