IOS 16 will make life easier for eSIM users when they change iPhones

by admin, Thursday, 16 June 2022 (2 months ago)

IOS 16 will fix a major issue for all eSIM users. Thanks to the update, you will no longer need to contact your ISP to transfer your eSIM from one iPhone to another. The operation can be performed using a simple Bluetooth connection by going to the smartphone settings.

With its arrival, eSIM has revolutionized the way we use our smartphones for many. In addition, the manufacturers seem to have realized this, given Google’s plans to accelerate the transition to this technology with Android 13. Mountain View is not the only company that sees great potential in the latter. IOS 16 has also offered a new feature that should please its users.

If eSIM has definitely made it easy to manage our phone numbers, it’s no less complicated to port it to a new device. The methods differ and are more or less difficult to achieve. For the lucky ones, just scan a QR code in the apps and you’re done. But for others, you often have to go to the provider to make the request and wait several days before the transfer takes place.

IOS 16 makes transferring an eSim so easy

Here comes iOS 16. With the next operating system update, a simple Bluetooth connection will be enough to transfer your eSIM to a new iPhone. That’s what Carson Waldron says he tells us on Twitter, who rushed to share screenshots of the business. Therefore, a quick look at the iPhone settings will allow you to find eSIM on your new device.

iOS 16 eSIM

On the other hand, note that it will of course be necessary for the operator to support this feature. At this time, it is not yet clear who will be on the list, as iOS 16 is still in beta. However, it is clear that this is a huge advantage for the operating system. If users are still not convinced by Apple’s platform, this new feature will help you change your mind.

iOS 16 eSIM

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