Is the Surface Duo 3 coming soon? A new Microsoft patent shows a promising design

by admin, Wednesday, 25 May 2022 (3 months ago)

A new report from Windows Latest, via ITH Home, reports that Microsoft is preparing the way for a new generation of Surface Duo. The company tried to tighten its legs in the “smartphone” market with a very interesting device, the Surface Duo. Instead of folding, the device was a dual-screen product with a hinge that separates two screens that could also function as a single. It is not a foldable screen, as we can easily see the division between the two screens, but the device could work almost as a folding screen. The first Surface Duo was a controversial device, it took months to reach the market and when it arrived it was already outdated compared to all Android smartphones. The company also introduced the Surface Duo 2 which corrects some of its predecessor’s mistakes. Obviously, Microsoft is preparing the ground for the Surface Duo 3 with significant improvements in approach.

The possible design of the Surface Duo 3

Surface Duo 3

Obviously, Microsoft will stick to the idea of ​​the “dual screen phone” instead of entering the folding segment. The Surface Duo 3 is said to have a more durable display judging by the recently published patent data. A new patent filed by Microsoft is called the “FOLD SCREEN DEVICE” and features a “dual screen” folding screen device that uses a single folding screen. Microsoft currently calls it a “one-piece back”, which apparently uses extensible material in the expandable area and sits close to the hinge, which means that its use is similar to the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Surface Duo 3

The main advantage is that the new design does not take up much space inside the body. Microsoft Surface Duo 3 can be thinner and lighter than a regular “dual screen” device. There is a “back cover” design that is said to be better than the Galaxy Fold and similar smartphones. It will be more durable and therefore less likely to break. According to the patent application, Microsoft is talking about a folding screen that can be folded 360 degrees in the folding section. It uses a back cover and a glass cover layer that covers the entire screen. Adds a light emitting layer between the back cover and the glass cover layer to ensure a natural experience.

Surface Duo 3

Obviously, the product uses a folding screen glass. There is a back panel that comes with some kind of “slot”. Allows you to fold avoiding mechanical creases. Therefore, the Surface Duo 3 can reap the same benefits as a foldable smartphone. However, it is probably more durable. For now, it is best to digest it with a pinch or two of salt. After all, there is no indication that this will end as a final product.

Let’s see if the next product will reach the total consumer. So far, the Surface Duo has been the target of enthusiasts who have managed to make it run on Windows 11. Meanwhile, Microsoft is struggling to provide faster Android updates.

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