Kaspersky Lab is participating in the launch of Russian computer-type computer chips

by admin, Wednesday, 22 June 2022 (2 months ago)

According to Russian media reports, Kaspersky Lab recently invested in the start-up Motiv NT. At present, Kaspersky Lab represents 15% of the shares and the amount of the transaction is about tens of millions of rubles. Motiv was founded in 2017 and is said to be committed to developing a brain-like computer chip that simulates the neural mechanism of the human brain. This is more efficient than traditional CPU architecture. Taking advantage of its performance, the company is currently developing a second generation product. Kaspersky said the acquisition of Motiv NT shares is a natural continuation of the lab’s use of artificial intelligence technology for many years.


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Like other Russian companies, Kaspersky is feeling the effects of the current crisis in Russia. However, this does not stop the company from getting involved in other technologies. Kaspersky understands the need to engage with innovative technologies. Otherwise, it can quickly become irrelevant both inside and outside Russia.

Russia bans many leading US tech companies

According to Russian media reports, the Russian Foreign Ministry recently announced sanctions against 61 American citizens. The ban mainly concerns the heads of large American technology companies. AMD President and CEO Lisa Su tops the list. There is a permanent ban on all the names on the list and they can not enter Russia for any reason. The Russian side claims that the relevant sanctions were necessary “in response to the expanding US sanctions on Russian public figures and representatives of domestic companies.”

During the Russia-Ukraine conflict, AMD announced in March that it would withdraw from the Russian market and stop shipping products. Although Intel and Nvidia have taken similar steps, the leaders of the two companies are not on the ban list.

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