Motorola unveils Samsung HP1 200MP sensor

by admin, Saturday, 18 June 2022 (2 months ago)

Samsung has since developed the 200MP camera, but like other sensors, it will not be the first to use it. Remember that Xiaomi was the first brand to use Samsung’s 108MP sensor. Samsung has officially announced that the 200-megapixel HP1 sensor will be used by mobile phone manufacturers. Obviously, Moto will be the first and then Xiaomi. Motorola recently released a document that states: “A new benchmark for an unrestricted imaging experience, opening up the era of 200MP mobile photography.” With this announcement, the company officially announces the 200MP sensor. Motorola’s first smartphone with HP1 200MP sensor will be released in July.

Layout Pixel ISOCELL HP1 Samsung

In addition to the previous reports, the smartphone with Motorola HP1 200MP sensor will also be accompanied by Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 SoC. This smartphone is the same device that uses the code name Frontier. In addition, this device will also support super fast charging 125 W.

Samsung ISOCELL HP1 sensor

From the reports so far, the size of the Samsung ISOCELL HP1 sensor is 1 / 1.22 inches. The unit pixel is 0.64 μm and supports ISOCELL 3.0 technology. It can complete a pixel combination of 4 in 1 or 16 in 1 depending on the scene. In addition, the 200 MP HP1 sensor can capture 2.56 μm and 1.28 μm 50 megapixel photos.

Meanwhile, the ISOCELL HP1 can capture 8K video at 30 frames per second (fps) with minimal loss of field of view. Reduce the resolution to 50MP or 8192 × 6144 to capture 8K video (7680 × 4320) without cropping or reducing the full resolution of the image by merging 4 adjacent pixels. It is worth mentioning that as of November last year, there were reports that Samsung’s 200MP HP1 sensor will be released by Motorola. At the time, there were also reports that Xiaomi would also use this sensor. However, speculation is rife that the Xiaomi device will arrive in the second half of next year. After Motorola and Xiaomithen Samsung will use this sensor.

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