Nokia CEO believes that 6G will help devalue smartphones

by admin, Sunday, 29 May 2022 (3 months ago)

It took a while, but people made the switch to 5G in 2019. Before that, we saw speculation, big laps and a road race to be the first to develop 5G networks as well as 5G phones. Now, the new network is almost established. Or at least it is established in the major economies of the world. Now, the talks are already moving on to 6G and its future. The next generation of networks is going through the usual stage of brainstorming, but we assume that its development is already progressing well. Besides, the CEO of Nokia calculates that 6G will debut in 2030. According to him, the new network standard will make smartphones obsolete.


Nokia CEO made the remarks during the 2022 World Economic Forum. 6G will finally be on the market in a few years, however, smartphones will already be obsolete by then. So taking into account his words, we can say that we still have 7 and a half years to enjoy smartphones until something else replaces them. The CEO believes that a brand new electronic device will be integrated directly into our body.

“There will be a physical world and then there will be a digital world. There will be a digital duo of almost everything ”- Nokia CEO

According to the executive, “the physical and digital worlds will grow together.” The end result will involve the user entering a VR world, turning a switch or rotating a selector and changing something in the real physical world. Honestly, this sounds like a lot of work if you need to get into the digital world to do simple things. However, it can be useful when you are already in the digital world and want to change something on the outside.


It is worth noting that at the moment 6G is still considered in its early stages. After all, there is not even a standard definition for 6G networks at the moment. The transition to the 6G standard will require a wider range of computing resources. This will require networks that are hundreds or even thousands of times faster than 5G. According to experts, 6G will not just bring higher speeds and response times. It will also mean a major shift in networking, driven by technological advances in quantum mechanics and artificial intelligence.

6G can play an important role in the development and dissemination of “Metaverse”.

Nokia continues to expand its network operations, while the smartphone industry is taking shy steps. The company is working to provide a good Android experience and the Nokia X20 is the latest addition to the Android 13 beta. The brand is also preparing a smartphone with a 200 MP camera. However, we do not believe that Nokia is close to overtaking the major brands right now.

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