Outraged Apple officials defy Chinese government policy of restraint

by admin, Sunday, 8 May 2022 (3 months ago)

A recently released video shows a large number of workers on the MacBook Pro being forced to cross the COVID barriers that have been built to confine them to a Chinese factory. The aforementioned video made the rounds of the internet, showing workers going from finger to toe in white protective clothing covered with bumpers. In particular, the factory owned by Quanta Computer requires employees to comply with strict quarantine conditions. In addition, these restrictions are not limited to the “closed loop” production system adopted by some Apple product manufacturing plants.

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Apple is reportedly preparing for the upcoming arrival of a new MacBook Air. However, the Cupertino-based tech giant did not mention the supposed products at its March event. An industry analyst has speculated that the MacBook Air could arrive in either September or November this year. However, details about the release of the Pro model were rare at this time. It was tentatively scheduled to be released sometime this year. Amid the uncertainty over the debut of Apple products, the Chinese government seems to be sparing no effort to enforce strict lockdown rules on MacBook Pro employees.

The video comes at a time when most countries are leaving no stone unturned in their quest to coexist with COVID-19. The Chinese government, on the other hand, seems to be trying to completely eradicate the deadly pathogen from the country. As part of its plan, it does not hesitate to impose strict lockdowns even in cities with few cases. Recall, the government implemented a lockdown in Zhengzhou. For those who do not know, Zhengzhou is called the City of the iPhone because here is the largest iPhone factory in the world. However, it allows “closed loop” production processes so that production units do not end up closing.

MacBook Pro employees defy Chinese government lockout rules

As far as workers are concerned, they have to live in on-site dormitories. Unfortunately, they are not allowed to enter or leave the production plant for at least a month. By adopting this approach, Apple hoped to boost production of the iPhone 14. Thus, the company would end up hiring workers even before they needed them. However, he suspended the plan. Last month, Apple was preparing to launch a flagship store in Wuhan. However, as the city is notorious for being said to be the source of the coronavirus, it is unclear whether this plan will materialize.

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According to a Taiwanese report Economic Daily, MacBook Pro workers climb over obstacles that would ideally keep them in the factory. In addition, the report suggests that hundreds of workers have begun to oppose restrictions on resting in their dormitories. Bloomberg sees the protest as a serious challenge to the Chinese government’s policy of restraint. People in Shanghai have been suffering from a sad and seemingly endless lockdown lately. As expected, they express frustration with the containment policy.

The Apple MacBook Pro delay could be on the cards

However, China has not seen such an immediate uprising, as it imposes harsh punishments on those who refuse to follow government rules.

The situation is worrying for employees. Likewise, this is also bad news for those looking forward to the MacBook Pro deliveries. According to the Economic Daily, the Quanta plant is currently operating at a capacity of about 30% amid protests. In addition, it is very unlikely to achieve more than 50 percent even after the disorder has subsided. So MacBook Pro orders could see further longer delays. Earlier this week, emails from Apple said their February orders would not be shipped anytime soon. Also, some consumers claim that Apple does not expect to deliver the product until July.

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