Real live photos of Google Pixel 7 emerge in the wild

by admin, Wednesday, 1 June 2022 (2 months ago)

If there’s one thing we already know about the smartphone industry, it is that Google Pixel smartphones will always leak. The search giant does not seem to care about its devices that appear in the photos several months before their release. Leaks have been around since the days of the Google Pixel 3 XL with its high notch screen. Since then, it has been common to expect a Pixel smartphone to appear for photos at least once. The Google Pixel 7 series will be no exception and the first leaks are already appearing. The Pixel 7 will only appear in October at the latest, but a new prototype has appeared.

Google Pixel 7 poses for leaked photos

Remember, before the Pixel 6 series was unveiled, we saw an original Google Pixel 6 on eBay for sale. The leak showed the design and construction of the phone before its release. Now, it’s time for Pixel 7 to appear in e-commerce platform. In anticipation of the release of the phone, which will take place only in October, the phone was exposed to its design. The device appears to be a Google Pixel 7 vanilla model with 128 GB of internal storage.

Google Pixel 7

Obviously, the Pixel 7 has the same design as the Google Pixel 6 series. It has a flat AMOLED screen with a notch with a hole in the center. It serves as a home for the purpose. Going backwards, the device has a pill-shaped camera slot. It is surrounded by a thick protruding rectangular aluminum rod. The color choice listed is Stormy Black. Judging by the photos, the Pixel 7 in its Stormy Black has a glossy finish. This way, the device will not be too friendly for those who hate smudges and fingerprints.

As this is a prototype Pixel 7, the Google G logo is missing. In contrast, the phone prototype has a distinctive logo that was also present in last year’s Pixel 6 prototype. As for other details, the Pixel 7 has power and volume buttons on the right side of the device. There is also a physical SIM card slot on the left side of the handset. Unfortunately, the phone does not have a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Therefore, you will need to use a wireless headset or a USB Type-C adapter.

Google has already confirmed the existence of the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro via Google I / O 2022. The new devices will hit the market in the fall of 2022 and will make their debut in the new generation of Tensor processors. The company confirmed the rear design of the devices on stage, bringing back the island of the “visor” camera. The Pixel 7 has a dual camera setting, while the Pixel 7 Pro has a dual camera setting. Google will also use the event to unveil the new Pixel Watch.

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