Samsung admits mistakes – remove iPhone banner ads from subscription apps

by admin, Saturday, 11 June 2022 (2 months ago)

Samsung recently released a banner ad on the Samsung Members app to promote the One UI Galaxy theme. To everyone’s surprise, however, Samsung used a generic notch iPhone model. As we all know, Samsung is not a big fan of notch design. So no one expected the South Korean manufacturer to use this design on its banner. Samsung then acknowledged the mistake and revised the banner design. The company also issued a follow-up statement with the new banner.


A representative of the Galaxy Store issued a statement on the official community forum. The statement claims that the person in charge made a mistake in the process of modifying the design source files. In its statement, Samsung also claims that it will modify the banner as soon as possible.

Hi, this is the Galaxy Store. The person in charge made a mistake while modifying the design source files. The banner images will be modified and replaced today. Thank you for your interest in Galaxy Services. We will do our best to provide better services.

The banner promoting the Galaxy theme has been redesigned and replaced by a regular Android phone with a central display design with a hole.


Samsung will release a wireless charger +

Samsung is development of a new Wireless Charger +. The company applied for the trademark at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) on 7 June. There is currently no information on the parameters of this wireless charger. The Korean manufacturer released a 15 W wireless charging cradle this year and the two-in-one version sells for 549 yuan. The wireless charging power of the upcoming Wireless Charger + should be higher.

The company also has a 15W 2 in 1 wireless charging cradle that supports charging two devices simultaneously. While the left side charges the phone, the right side can also charge the Samsung Galaxy Watch or Galaxy Buds. Samsung says the 2-in-1 15W wireless charging cradle allows fast, low-power charging.

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