Samsung Electronics may enter the race to buy ARM

by admin, Sunday, 5 June 2022 (2 months ago)

Samsung is preparing to abandon the activity of LCD panels

According to media reports, Samsung Display, which supplies OLED panels to smartphone makers such as Apple, has decided to abandon its LCD panel business and focus on OLED panels and quantum dot panels. Since then, the company has confirmed that it will cease operations in June.

Samsung Display has abandoned the LCD panel business, which means it has to relocate or adapt its employees. There are reports that Samsung will transfer hundreds of employees from the panel business unit to the chip packaging business unit. The company now accepts adjustment requests from employees. Employees aged 37 and under in the showcase business department can apply to adapt to the chip packaging business department. Samsung aims to transfer 300 employees from the display business division. The company will complete the chip packaging business in the second half of the year. Thus, the relocation of employees will be completed before that.

The department where Samsung’s display and chip packaging business is located belongs to Samsung Electronics’s device solutions department. If there is a need for staff customizations, this will happen in the device solutions department.

Late last year, Samsung Electronics adapted its high-end and core business units. The company had to merge the consumer electronics and mobile business units. The “experience Department @” unit is now led by Vice President and CEO Han Zongxi. However, the device solutions department is headed by its chairman and co-CEO, Qing Guixian.

Samsung Electronics has repeatedly adapted Samsung Display employees

This is not the first time they have made staff adjustments between the two business units. Samsung Electronics has repeatedly adapted Samsung Display employees to the chip packaging business, mainly because they plan to retire from the LCD panel business. They originally planned to leave the program at the end of 2020, but due to the request of the Samsung Electronics TV business unit, they maintained some production lines. For this reason, the company had to postpone its exit from the LCD industry.

By adapting some of its display business division employees to the chip packaging business division, Samsung Electronics also hopes to make full use of its excellent in-house employees to drive the development of the chip business. At the same time, the chip business is also facing talent challenges and needs more employees.

Last week, the Samsung Group announced plans to invest $ 450 trillion, or $ 356 billion, in key areas such as semiconductors, biopharmaceuticals and other next-generation technologies by 2026 to drive the growth of these key business areas. Most of the 450 trillion won that Samsung Group plans to invest in will be invested in the chip industry, including memory chips, logic chips and foundry businesses.

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