Tesla China to launch online recruitment following Elon Musk’s dismissal warning

by admin, Friday, 10 June 2022 (2 months ago)

According to recent reports, Tesla will hold an online recruitment event to fill “smart construction” job vacancies in China. Tesla’s move runs counter to what CEO Elon Musk said in an email on June 2. Musk said in an email to company executives titled “Global Hiring Stop” that the company should “cut about 10% of its workforce and suspend all Tesla global hiring.” In addition, Musk said in a response to a Twitter user on Saturday that the number of employees of the company will increase over the next 12 months. However, he argues that the number of employees should remain the same. Musk’s statement also contradicts what he said in previous emails.

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Tesla China

In China, Tesla currently holds 224 positions of executives and engineers in the smart construction category. Of those 224 jobs, at least 24 new jobs appeared in the public sector on June 9th. Tesla currently has a Gigafactory in Shanghai, which is the company’s first manufacturing plant in China. It is also the first electric vehicle factory in China whose ownership has nothing to do with China. This plant is also Tesla’s fourth largest plant in the world and currently produces the Model 3 and Model Y.

Factory-made cars are not only supplied to the Chinese market, but also to some countries in Europe and Asia, such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Singapore, etc.

Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory will export over 163,000 cars in 2021

The Shanghai Gigafactory, which has been in production for more than two years, is a major export base for Tesla. The Model Y also started exporting in large quantities last year. Recent reports reveal that the Shanghai Gigafactory exported more than 163,000 electric vehicles to major markets last year. This represents only a small percentage of the annual deliveries of their 484,100 vehicles.

The volume of electric vehicle exports from Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory last year exceeded expectations. Earlier last year, a securities firm predicted that Shanghai Gigafactory would export 100,000 electric vehicles to other markets by 2021.

Shanghai Gigafactory is one of the four vehicle factories that Tesla has put into operation. The company has one gigafactory in Texas, two in Berlin and the other in Shanghai.

Tesla’s Shanghai plant began construction in 2019. It began production of the Model 3 later that year and began production of the Model Y after completing the second phase the following year. Current annual capacity exceeds 450,000 vehicles, second only to California Freeway. Installation factory.

Elon Musk claims the company will not open any new plants in China in the short term. However, it will expand its plant in Shanghai, with increasing production capacity and factory scale. With the expansion, Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory capacity to supply Chinese and other markets will increase.

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