The Apple engineer explains why the first iPhone did not have a copy and paste

by admin, Wednesday, 22 June 2022 (2 months ago)

Apple introduced the first generation iPhone 15 years ago, and there was no copy and paste function at that time. Now, former Apple engineer and software designer Ken Kocienda has revealed the details. Kocienda joined Apple in 2001 and is one of the key engineers behind the iPhone. Prior to developing the iPhone, Kocienda worked on the original Safari browser team, which made him a key figure in the development of the first generation iPhone.

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Kocienda’s explanation of why the first-generation iPhone could not be copied and pasted was simple: there was there is no time for growth. According to him, the team was busy developing the iPhone’s virtual keyboard and auto-correction system. After the release of the first iPhone, Kocienda and his team finally decided to develop a copy and paste option, but it still took some time to finally land.

Copy and paste – a very important feature

Kocienda said he had the idea of ​​a “text magnifierThis feature is vital for copying and pasting. However, even with the standard virtual magnifier, the cursor would still move between characters. especially when the user removes his finger from the screen due to natural jitter, so at that time, the feature was unreliable.

To this end, Kocienda has developed a “touch story”For word processing only. After the finger leaves the screen, the system automatically detects the position of the user’s finger within milliseconds of the last touch, allowing the cursor to stay where the user really wants. Another interesting detail of the iPhone text input system is this the whole style of text was originally based on WebKit. This means that when an application uses a custom font, it essentially displays a tiny web page for rendering text. When the text is not in edit mode, they display a static image of its contents.

Copy and paste was introduced in 2009 as a new feature of iPhone OS 3.0 and is pre-installed on iPhone 3GS by default. Apple even created a TV commercial at the time to highlight the new feature.

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