The dark Facebook feature for iOS has suddenly disappeared

by admin, Monday, 30 May 2022 (3 months ago)

Users have been claiming dark operation on smartphones for years. The function is especially good for night use, but it is also used simply because of the user’s preference. Over the years, these features have reached iOS and Android in format across the system. As usual, third-party applications had to customize their applications to provide light and dark functions. According to a new report from 9 to 5 Mac, it appears that this Dark Mode feature is missing from Facebook’s iOS app. The exact reason is not clear, but some users report that the dark feature has completely disappeared in the Facebook application for iOS.

This is probably a bug, after all, there is no obvious reason for Meta to remove a widely used feature in the application. Also, any removal would come with prior notice. This seems to be a bug on the part of the Facebook app and is a bug that the company is going to recognize or fix.

According to the report, Facebook users have switched to other social media platforms such as Twitter to complain about the sudden disappearance of dark support. This includes Facebook support for switching dark mode across the iOS system. In-app dark switching was available in Application Settings, but has completely disappeared.

Facebook Dark Mode

There is no way for users to enable the dark feature in the Facebook app for iOS

At this time, this means that the Facebook application no longer respects the dark mode preferences throughout the system. In addition, there is also no way to activate a dark feature directly through Facebook. It may not be a mistake that would jeopardize your experience. However, you will see some visual inconsistency, especially when using the dark mode across iOS.

Acceleration support across the system came to iOS as part of the release of iOS 13 in 2019. Facebook took its time to develop support for this feature. In fact, the company’s support for Dark Mode was not released until June 2022. That was already a year after the announcement of iOS 13 for dark mode as a focus feature.

As we said before, we do not see much reason for Facebook to deliberately remove this feature. Obviously, this is a mistake. Unfortunately, we do not even know if it goes off the radar. In addition, the company does not provide release notes for any of the updates released on Facebook for iOS. However, the pace of information is … intense. The company releases updates every 5 or 6 days. It is possible that one of these recent updates also includes a change that accidentally caused the dark feature to disappear from Facebook for iOS.

Meanwhile, the company continues to be involved in “antitrust law” matters. The application itself has lost its relevance lately and many point to TikTok as the big reason.

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