The founder of Google is developing a mysterious electric aircraft

by admin, Monday, 6 June 2022 (2 months ago)

The secret work of Google co-founder Sergey Brin to build a huge electric aircraft is expanding rapidly. Of Lighter than Air The research company (LTA) is preparing to launch a new research later this year. Brin is currently hiring hundreds of aeronautical engineers in Silicon Valley and at a location in Akron, Ohio, known for its Goodyear blimps. It plans to build bubbles for humanitarian missions in remote areas or disaster areas.

electric aircraft carrier

The LTA was founded in 2014, while Brin resigned as head of Google’s parent company Alphabet in 2019. The LTA is headquartered at Moffett Airport in the San Francisco Bay Area, a facility owned by NASA and a short distance from headquarters Google offices. NASA began leasing the facility to the LTA in 2015.

LTA hopes to overhaul 21st century aircraft with “zero-emission flights. The company’s first full-scale aircraft carrierPathfinder 1, is 120 meters long and is scheduled to launch test flights to Silicon Valley this year. At the same time, the LTA is also developing a larger aircraft carrier: the Pathfinder 3 at the Akron dock. It has a length of 185 meters and when completed, it will eventually be able to carry 96 tons and have a range of up to 10,000 miles (16,000 kilometers). The LTA recruitment effort at Akron in the coming months will double the company’s workforce to more than 400 people.

According to available reports, the mysterious electric aircraft carrier, Pathfinder 1 will run in the sun lighter than air. Since the sun is unburned, it is safer than flammable hydrogen. Recall that the Hindenburg The 1937 catastrophe was linked to flammable hydrogen. For now, the initial power will come from batteries. It is a fully electric system that will produce zero emissions.

China’s first 5G helium unmanned aerial vehicle has been successfully tested

On September 14, 2021, China successfully tested its first unmanned aerial vehicles. This aircraft carrier called “5G Caiyun No. 1” has a 5G base station, a high definition camera and a power supply system. There is also a motorized support vehicle underneath.

electric aircraft carrier

Air-to-ground incorporates 5G emergency communication which guarantees that the solar aircraft will be in the air filling with sun. This can provide more than 15 days of airport time. It also offers a load of over 200 kg and air resistance up to level 8.

The official claims that the aircraft can provide high-speed signals over 10 Gbps and multiple standard signals, such as 2 ~ 5G through a self-contained emergency communication algorithm model, combined with 5G communication innovation technology and high built-in opto hybrid cable, to achieve large -communication area coverage. Effectively resolves pain points of traditional emergency support methods, such as slow response, low coverage and slow data recovery.

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