The iOS version of NetEase Cloud Music adds support for desktop lyrics

by admin, Wednesday, 18 May 2022 (3 months ago)

A few hours ago, the iOS version of NetEase Cloud Music launched the 8.7.50 update. This update comes with the desktop lyrics feature. This feature also allows users to view lyrics from the system desktop. The Android version of NetEase Cloud Music already supports desktop lyrics. Many Android brands such as Meizu support the display of lyrics in the status bar.

NetEase Cloud Music

In late April of this year, NetEase Cloud Music introduced Hi-Res sound quality. The capacity of songs that support Hi-Res is greater than 30MB, which has a higher resolution than the sound quality without loss and requires VIP to open. NetEase Cloud Music said it has a million-dollar Hi-Res music library.

After the update, in the settings of the playback page, you can see the option “Open Desktop Lyrics”. Once you turn it on, you can return to the desktop to see a large strip of lyrics floating above the desktop. In addition, users can also pause songs and pause at the same time.

It is important to note that the lyrics are not transparent and may block some content on the desktop. In fact, the implementation of desktop lyrics this time uses the “picture-in-picture” feature that has become popular in iOS 14. You can watch videos from a small window and do other functions at the same time.

The lyrics function of the new version of NetEase Cloud Music can simply be understood as a small floating video window. In fact, he still can not overcome the initial limitations of iOS and immediately realize the fluctuating lyrics. But even so, for iPhone users, this remnant version of the lyrics for desktops is already a coveted “epic” update.

NetEase Cloud Music launches Hi-Res sound quality

In April, NetEase Cloud Music officially introduced Hi-Res sound quality. NetEase Cloud Music Hi-Res sound quality can be grayed out. However, as of now, not all users have the option to use Hi-Res sound quality options. Hi-Res (Hi-Resolution Audio) means high resolution audio. High-resolution audio refers to a form of music whose audio information exceeds CD quality, ie the sampling rate is greater than 44.1 kHz and the bit depth is greater than 16 bits.

Last year, QQ Music officially introduced Hi-Res quality music. Since QQ Music on your mobile phone has been upgraded to version 10.18 of the internal test, you can see Hi-Res’s “Little Gold Label” below some song titles.

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