The iQOO 10 Pro can support 200W fast wired charging

by admin, Tuesday, 7 June 2022 (2 months ago)

Vivo has spent a lot of time in recent years improving the charging speed of its phones. IQOO 9 is a new product from the company that has a fast charging speed of 120 W and can fully charge from 0 to 100% in just 18 minutes. However, 120 W seems to be insufficient for Vivo, as there are already reports that the next Vivo iQOO 10 Pro would have crazy support for 200W wireless charging and 65W fast charging.

The reliable tipster Digital Chat Station has uncovered some exciting data about the charging speed of the upcoming iQOO flagship in a post on the Chinese blog platform Weibo. According to the source, the iQOO 10 Pro will include a 200W fast wired charger and a 20V / 10A adapter. The charger model number is V200100L0B0-CN, according to reports.

The device will also include fast 65W wireless charging, according to the source. Overall, the phone will push wired and wireless charging speeds to their limits. As mentioned earlier, its predecessor included 120W wired charging as well as 50W wireless charging.

The iQOO 10 Pro for support of 200W wired and 65W wireless fast charging

The battery capacity of the iQOO 10 Pro is unknown, but we expect it to have a 4000mAh battery that can charge at 100% in 10-12 minutes. However, do not expect the phone to last long, as the battery of a fast charging phone is prone to depletion before the end of the day. Also, expect the phone to be accompanied by a particularly huge charging brick.

Now that super-fast charging has become commonplace among smartphone makers, it’s worth considering if it’s safe. We already know that fast charging increases the risk of overheating and the associated risks. Despite all the additional security measures taken, the risk remains.

iQOO 9 Pro

In addition to the iQOO 10 Pro, the company recently unveiled the $ 300 Neo 6 SE smartphone, which features a Snapdragon 870 single-chip system and a 4700 mAh battery, and a more basic redesign, the Z5, is expected to follow soon. It will not have such a powerful processor, but the price will be lower. and the battery capacity, on the other hand, will be higher.

According to initial information, the iQOO Z5 will include a 6000 mAh battery with fast charging capabilities of 44 W. The Snapdragon 778G will most likely function as a single-chip system. A 6.58-inch IPS screen and a triple camera have also been added to the smartphone. The thickness of the device will be 9.21 mm, which is more than the industry standard of 8 mm. but the battery capacity will be higher than other models on the market. We do not know the release date for the iQOO Z5. Obviously, it will be less expensive than the Neo 6 SE.

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