The Meta Smartwatch with two cameras was canceled due to technical problems

by admin, Friday, 10 June 2022 (2 months ago)

Last year, The lip reported that Meta (formerly Facebook) was working on a smartwatch with two built-in cameras. The product, codenamed Milan, should be released next year. But today, Bloomberg said the company canceled the project. Well, at this point, the smartwatch has just stopped growing due to technical issues. The watch was scheduled to be priced at $ 349.

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For smartwatches, cameras are useless. Of course, there are some models on the market that come with even two cameras. One of them records the environment, while the second is for video calls. However, none of the top models has a single camera. In this sense, Meta probably hoped that its smartwatch would have a real advantage over its rivals.

Meta Smartwatch functions

Anyway, the canceled Meta smartwatch should be accompanied by a 5 MP camera mounted in the notch of the screen. It had a video calling function. The second camera had a resolution of 12 MP and should be used when taking photos and recording video as soon as the watch is detached from the wrist.

Meta smartwatch

Now, it turns out that Meta is having serious problems with the second camera. According to the manufacturer, it interferes with the watch’s ability to receive nerve signals from the wrist. This is vital for the Meta smartwatch, which has become an unusual smartwatch.

Meta becomes an AR / VR company. In this sense, the Meta smartwatch should help acts as an auditor for separate augmented reality (AR) glasses.

“The signals through the wrist are so clear that the EMG [electromyography] can understand the movement of the fingers just one millimeter. This means that the introduction can be effortless. “Eventually, it may even be possible to feel the intention of waving a finger.”

However, we are talking about a smartwatch. Therefore, there should be features commonly found in similar products, GPS, mobile connectivity, activity tracking, music playback, and integration with various services. The watch will provide up to 18 hours of battery life with a single charge. Last year, the company also tried to work with other companies to manufacture watch accessories.

In any case, the cancellation of the Meta smartwatch with two cameras does not mean that the company has no intentions in this position. Bloomberg reports that Meta is still working on some other wrist-based devices. The company has a clear goal to bring more consumer material to its users.

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