The mobile version of Google Play receives a “Compatibility with your devices” section.

by admin, Sunday, 29 May 2022 (3 months ago)

Along with the redesign of Google Play, Google started adding other features – the “Compatibility with your devices” section was added to the mobile and content store version of the app.

If in the PC version the ability to assess compatibility with available devices existed before, now similar functionality has begun to appear in the versions for mobile devices. At the same time, the user only sees information about devices that are connected to the Google Account and have been “active” for the last 30 days.

Compatibility for both smartphones and devices, such as Wear OS-based gadgets and Android / Google TV models. Other data is also available for viewing, including information about supported operating system versions.

Now Google Play has become more than just a platform for smartphones and tablets. You can also find software for other versions of Android in the store, from operating systems for car multimedia centers to mobile devices with Wear OS.

The option is already available for some users with version 30.6.16-21 of Google Play. It will probably appear on other smartphones later.

New features in the Google Play Store

The Google Play site has been redesigned and is now widely available. Other notable features include:

  • On mobiles, this update utilizes a bottom line.
  • The tab indicator slides / moves to a section when selected.
  • A developer page will immediately display all available applications instead of having to click a button first.
  • The bottom of the page contains links to: Play Pass, Play Points. Gift Cards, Redemption and Refund Policy, and Parent Guide and Family Sharing.
  • The Books tab is linked to Your library and Your wish list where you will find the old design still in use.
  • The Movie & TV Play player has not changed.

Google is finally launching a major update to its Play Store web interface. In November last year, the company began testing a new redesign of the web user interface. The Play Store web interface has been modified to match the look and feel of other Google services and applications.

In terms of style, the Play Store website now looks like the version of its app. as if it were here for larger screen devices like tablet. The tablet Play Store, on the other hand, is not the same as the redesigned web design.

Returning to the user interface, the new top ribbon is the first thing you will notice. From the sidebar, the menu options for Games, Apps, Movies & TV, Books and Kids have been moved to the top. Which seems to be the most practical and sophisticated choice.

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