The Pixel 6a is now available for purchase on Facebook before its release

by admin, Tuesday, 7 June 2022 (2 months ago)

Last week, we saw a prototype of the Pixel 7 series available online, months before the phones are supposed to be released in October. Now, it seems that Google’s new Pixel 6a is available for sale online before its official release.

An entry in the Facebook Marketplace for the Pixel 6a was made online by Nils Ahrensmeier of the trusted Technik News website. The item, which has since been withdrawn, also included mid-range Pixel photos. You can see these photos below.

Pixel 6a

According to Ahrensmeier, this entry was created by the same person who just posted one Video TikTok of the Pixel 6a unpacked.

Pixel 6a

In any case, the Pixel 6a will be available for pre-order only on July 21, with sales starting on July 28. So, more than a month ahead of schedule, someone grabbed something that seems to be a retail unit. Once the listing is removed, it is unclear whether Google will delete or has already deleted this Pixel 6a remotely. However, because it does not appear to be an original device, we believe the company will not follow this strategy.

You can buy the Pixel 6a months before its official release

The Pixel 6a, in case you missed it, costs $ 449 and runs the same Tensor processor as the Pixel 6 series. A 6.1-inch FHD + 60 Hz OLED display, 6 GB RAM, 4,410 mAh battery and 12 MP dual rear camera system complement the capabilities of the phone.

@ AMC20_, a member of Reddit, recently said that he accidentally bought a smartphone in the Facebook Marketplace, which turned out to be a prototype of the Google Pixel 7 Pro. The phone was on sale as a boxless Pixel 6 Pro, however it is not.

Even for Pixel models, the new event seems unusual. Google Phones are leaked to the public periodically before they hit the market. This is the second such incident in the last week. The original Pixel 7 was recently available for sale on eBay. At the same time, the photos of the device were an original older model. the Pixel 7 Pro, as shown by the reflection on the glossy back cover of the device. The person who bought the Pixel 7 Pro on Facebook believed that the photos were taken with his new device.

In mid-May, Google hosted a preview of the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro I / O conference. displaying the aesthetics of the phones but without revealing further details. They will almost certainly appear with Android 13. In terms of hardware, the prototypes indicate slight differences from the Pixel 6. A new modem, as well as a 256 GB storage variant and 12 GB RAM.

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