The Pixel Watch will offer at least seven strap options

by admin, Saturday, 18 June 2022 (2 months ago)

No one will make smart watches that do not support detachable straps. So it’s no surprise that Google is said to be working on some straps for the upcoming Pixel Watch product. As 9to5Google reported, the manufacturer is currently working on at least seven straps. Honestly, one of them we have seen in the keynote speech I / O. However, we will learn more about the features and straps of the watch when the release date approaches in the fall.

Well, according to the source, Google is working on a Milanese-style network belt, two types of leather straps, a lace bracelet, a fabric ribbon and a silicone ribbon. Most interestingly, the company is also considering launching an elastic band such as the Apple Solo Loop. However, this does not sound strange because the Pixel Watch will compete directly with Apple Watch products. This is clear even from the localized and rumored specifications of Google’s upcoming smartwatch. Many of them look like Apple Watch features. Thus, the variety of straps and their identity with Apple straps play a role in this strategy.

Google Pixel Clock

We assume you will not disagree if we say that watches and smartwatches are more part of our style than basic products. If we forget our clocks at home, nothing terrible will happen. The same can not be said for smartphones. So it makes sense that Google is trying to bring in as many straps as possible. It will allow the company to capture a larger handset and help users emphasize their individuality.

Will the Google Pixel Watch use standard size straps?

In this sense, it is better for Google to use a standard 20-22 mm belt. This will allow customers to purchase separate straps from third-party vendors and use them with the Google Pixel Watch. Unfortunately, Google does not seem to be following this advice. From what we have seen in Google I / O, the company will offer its own proprietary belts. But we have the same confidence as Google’s designers. If they create something identical to the Pixel 6 cases, the competition between the Apple Watch and the Pixel Watch will end without even starting.

Google Pixel Clock

In general, none of the smartwatch manufacturers are good at creating straps. Most of them can be used in specific scenarios. But users want something that meets most of their expectations. For example, if you use silicone straps, you can only wear them when doing sports. Leather straps are good for everyday use but not for sports. So we assume this is the best place where smartwatch makers should leave more choices to users.

We understand that you are hoping that third-party manufacturers will offer variants of the Google Pixel Watch straps. But this is a new product and it is still unknown how many customers there will be. If there are not many, no serious company will invest in straps that are not in high demand.

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