The professional Huawei S-Tag motion sensor has been officially released

by admin, Thursday, 19 May 2022 (3 months ago)

At Huawei Global Mate Xs 2 product launch last night, Huawei unveiled a professional motion sensor – Huawei S-Tag. The Huawei S-Tag is positioned as a compact and feature-rich smart tag. Unlike the Apple AirTag, the Huawei S-Tag is designed for specific sports scenarios and can sports data detection when connected to smart devices such as smart watches or smartphones. Recall that last November, the company applied for the Huawei S-Tag brand.

Huawei S-Tag

The Huawei S-Tag reportedly has a 9-axis sensor that can control running techniques by reading the user’s legs and waist movements. The sensor will analyze 13 parameters to help achieve the perfect running technique. By collecting data during the exercise, the device provides users with professional advice. Huawei is partnering with the Chinese Academy of Sports Sciences to provide professional advice to users.

Huawei S-Tag

In addition, the sensor adopts a split design as well weighs only 7.5 grams. In addition, this device can be completely submerged 50 meters of water. Users can also use different clips to fasten the sensor to clothes, shoes, bicycle tire spokes, etc.

However, the company did not announce the release time and price of the Huawei S-Tag. However, according to reports, The Huawei S-Tag will be released in July. It will come out in a set with a foot clips, bike radius clips and waist clips. The running scene can last 30 days and the bike scene can last 36 days.

Huawei is holding its own

For three consecutive years, the US government has criticized Huawei with many bans. The purpose of these bans is to ground the Chinese manufacturer as much as possible. At present, Huawei may not use any technology that has links to the United States without government approval. Although this is dangerous for technological development, the US government is not really interested. The government claims that these bans are for national security. However, Huawei has made it clear that it is only one company and can not pose a threat to the national security of a large country like the US.

Despite the bans, Huawei still holding himself. The release of the Huawei S-Tag is proof that the company is still growing. New products, even innovative ones, are still being released. While many people will not be happy that Huawei is still “alive”, the company says it is just trying to survive. Huawei is currently unable to release a 5G smartphone due to a US ban. The company’s HiSilicon chips are also grounded. In fact, it had to sell its Honor sub-brand because of the ban.

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