The Telegram Premium will be released in June: it is official

by admin, Monday, 13 June 2022 (2 months ago)

There has been a lot of talk lately about the leak that gave us the opportunity to learn, provided that all the details are confirmed, the features of the Telegram Premium. The paid version of the service was confirmed in the last few hours by Pavel Durov, the founder of messenger, via a message posted on its official channel.

Durov explained that many users over time have sought to increase the limits of what is possible with the application. so we tried to figure out how to do it. The problem is that by removing these limits for everyone, our servers and costs will become unsustainable. Thus, it will not be possible to “invite everyone to this party”.

Since the day Telegram became available almost 9 years ago. we provide our users with more features and resources than any other messaging application. A free app as powerful as Telegram was revolutionary in 2013 and still unprecedented in 2022. To date, our limits on chat, media and file uploads are unbeatable.

This month, the Telegram Premium will be official


The businessman then explained that all the features that are available at the moment will remain free. and that there will be news even for non-paying users. Among these new features available to every Telegram user will be the ability to view and download “extremely large” documents posted by Premium users.

Durov closed his message by confirming that, although the app has been experimenting with in-channel ads long enough to fund its business, users will always be a priority and therefore the desire for an extra paid service for funding.

The message announces the release of the Telegram Premium by June. but there are no confirmations for the exact date and price. There has been talk of $ 4.99 in recent days to access a range of features. such as uploading larger files and faster times, longer subtitles and other features. We will bring you all the details as soon as possible.

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