The Xbox plans to release at least five first-person shooters over the next 12 months

by admin, Friday, 10 June 2022 (2 months ago)

Microsoft released 5 major games on the Xbox console, PC and cloud platforms in fiscal year 2022. These games include “Halo: Infinite”, “Forza Horizon 5”, “Brain Navigator 2”, “Age of Empires 4” and Microsoft Flight Simulation. Xbox Studios even won the Metacritic Publisher of the Year award for the quality of games published by Xbox Studios. According to Windows Central, the company plans to release at least five first-person shooters exclusively for Xbox next fiscal year.


“Last year, we released five new games on console, computer and cloud. We are well on our way to achieving or exceeding this number next fiscal year. ” The Microsoft fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30 of the following year. Two games from Bethesda (Bethesda Game Studios Starfield and Arkane’s Redfall) have been significantly delayed recently, releasing only “the first half of 2023”.

In addition to games, Microsoft will be showing more games at upcoming Xbox and Bethesda game shows.


Microsoft will continue to improve the gaming experience of Win11 and Edge browsers

At today’s exchange meeting, Microsoft announced several updates related to games for Windows 11 and Microsoft Edge browsers. These changes include some game optimizations in Windows 11 and some differences from integrating games into the Edge cloud Xbox. Microsoft claims to bring the Xbox app to Samsung’s smart TV line for 2022. The company will also expand Xbox cloud gaming to Argentina and New Zealand. In addition, Microsoft will update the Xbox Game Pass subscription service. In addition, the Xbox Design Lab has returned and been released in 11 new countries, helping players customize options such as pink, orange and cases for their Xbox controllers.


Microsoft It also brings four new features to Windows 11, but these features are being tested in Windows Preview. One of them is an optimization for window games to improve the delay and unlock of AutoHDR and the variable refresh rate. This is complemented by a new HDR calibration application.

In addition, Microsoft has optimized the Xbox controller line to help players open games quickly. The company also introduces a new widget, the Game Pass Widget. This widget helps players find games easily.

Microsoft is also bringing more exclusive gaming features to Microsoft Edge for desktops, including some Xbox cloud gaming integrations:

  • New personalized gaming homepage with news, game guides, live streams, game snapshots, tournaments, upcoming and recent games, and the Xbox Cloud Gaming library, including easy access to recently played games and related content.
  • Built-in ClarityBoost makes cloud-based gaming look sharper and clearer in the Microsoft Edge browser.
  • The new game menu in MicrosoftEdge provides easy access to popular free games such as MicrosoftSolitaire, AtariAsteroids, MicrosoftJewel and the exclusive MicrosoftEdge Surf games. It also helps players discover new games.
  • The efficiency feature helps to improve the performance of the game in Windows 10 and 11.

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