These Android malware applications steal your data: Delete them immediately

by admin, Thursday, 16 June 2022 (2 months ago)

Downloading an Android app from the Play Store is in almost all cases a safe feature. but in some rare cases, it is not. In fact, the Google filter periodically avoids malicious applications that manage to enter the Store and, before being detected and eliminated, claim thousands of victims.

And this is what happened again with the six applications we are talking about today identified by the SecneurX team, the D3Lab IT agency, and Kaspersky’s Igor Golovin and Tatyana Shishkova. If you are wondering, yes: once again there is the hand of Hydra and the Joker, the most famous and scary Android malware, which periodically reappear with new disguises

But let’s get to the point: if you have one or more of the six apps listed below installed on your smartphone, the tip is to uninstall them as soon as possible. The reason is simple, as it is malware that can steal sensitive data such as passwords, credit card information, phone numbers and email addresses.

  • Document manager
  • Mortgage Loan – Online Mortgage
  • Cool caller screen
  • PSD Auth Protector
  • RGB Emoji keyboard
  • Camera Translator Pro

Android: if you have these apps, delete them now

Google Play Store
Via: NextPit

Thus, these applications have been downloaded tens of thousands of times. demonstrating how such fraudulent methods are still effective in seizing the personal data of many unsuspecting victims. Some of the apps, however, are still available for download in the Play Store, waiting for Google to recognize their malicious nature and delete them.

Also below is another list of dangerous Android apps mentioned by SecneurX, but fortunately it never entered the Play Store. This means that the number of participating users is much more limited, as you have to download the APK from external sites to install them.

  • Fast PDF scanner
  • Wallpaper with a balloon
  • Colorful messenger
  • Thug Photo Editor
  • Anime wallpaper
  • Peace SMS
  • Cheerful photo collage
  • Original Messenger
  • Pellet messages
  • Smart keyboard
  • Special photo editing program
  • 4K wallpapers

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