TikTok India is back on the cards after a two-year ban

by admin, Thursday, 2 June 2022 (2 months ago)

TikTok spares no effort in a restart attempt in India. Bytedance is seeking cooperation to re-enter the Indian market. TikTok was an application plagued by controversy. TikTok employees in the US have expressed concern about the high workload. However, it is still one of the most popular short video sharing platforms in the world.

It gained so much popularity in India. However, the Indian government banned the application in 2020. There were more than 250 banned applications in India. These include Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, Alibaba and TikTok. Krafton replaced PUBG Mobile in India with BGMI in May 2021. Now, Bytedance wants to follow in Krafton’s footsteps. He wants to bring TikTok app back to India.

TikTok could re-enter India soon

Bytedance is seeking a partnership to facilitate TikTok’s return to India. It intends to re-employ its former employees. Thus, TikTok could be on the verge of restarting in India. Bytedance has started talks with the Hiranandani Group. According to an ET report, Bytedance will work with the Hiranandani group. This partnership could pave the way for TikTok’s return to India. For those who do not know, Hiranandani Group is the largest real estate manufacturer in India.

TikTok 2

The Mumbai-based real estate giant has projects all over India. Real estate developers have data center features called Yotta Infrastructure Solutions. He recently unveiled a consumer service arm called Tez Platforms. The Hiranandani Group could invest up to Rs. 3,500 crore in new businesses in the coming years. The two companies are currently in the early stages of talks, according to ET report. Trade union government officials also shared unofficial views on TikTok’s return to India.

Impact of TikTok return on India

A senior government official told ET that no formal talks had taken place with them. However, the official confirms that they have been informed about the discussion. The official said they are willing to consider their request as soon as they come for approvals. However, there are multiple chances if the talks succeed. For example, Bytedance could work with Tez Platforms. Alternatively, the collaboration could see Bytedance using Yotta Infrastructure data centers.

Tik Tok

The company can store its data in the data centers of Yotta Infrastructure. The Chinese technology company is also hiring people in India for new roles. If TikTok returns to India, it is very likely to give Instagram Reels a good move for its money. Now, the platform even offers a subscription service that allows developers to monetize their TikTok accounts. However, implementation should follow the strict guidelines of the Indian government. For example, it may need to store all the data in India and not in any other country.

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