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by admin, Wednesday, 15 June 2022 (2 months ago)

Pavel Durov, founder of Telegram, criticized Apple for imposing too many limits on web applications in iOS. The online version of the popular messaging platform also pays off. Telegram is also available as a downloadable app from the App Store, but platform administrators have encountered various issues with the control process. To try to overcome them, they released the Telegram web app on iOS, however it still has Safari-related limitations that prevent it from offering the same features as a native app.

In his latest speech, Durov cites a post posted in the Telegram WebK Channel in April listing the 10 safari issues on iOS that Apple would not be willing to solve or mitigate – for example, lack of support for alerts push on VP8 and VP9 encoders and at high refresh rates. Durov then recalls the complaints of developers who criticize Apple for saying that Safari kills the web.

The reasons for these web application restrictions? According to Durov, due to Apple’s desire to provide incentives to download applications through the official store:

“We suspect that Apple is voluntarily penalizing web applications to force users to download many native applications with which it may charge a 30% fee.

However, Apple’s behavior does not go unnoticed by the authorities. Durov cites a CMA (Competition and Purchasing Authority) investigation that concluded last week that it examined the limitations attributed to WebKit.

The founder of Telegram once again criticizes Apple


The most relevant points of the research conclusions (for the sake of completeness it should be noted that it also concerns Google) are:

  • Apple is blocking performance engine alternatives on its mobile devices. This limits competing browsers from being differentiated by Safari and Apple’s investments in improving engine performance.
  • Restriction severely penalizes the capabilities of web applications.

Durov hopes that the investigation will be followed by regulatory interventions to prevent Apple from continuing to impose its restrictions and closes his speech by quoting Steve Jobs:

“It is unfortunate that, more than ten years after the death of Steve Job. a company that once revolutionized the mobile web has become its most important obstacle. “

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