You can now control the air quality in your area using Google Maps

by admin, Friday, 10 June 2022 (2 months ago)

Google Maps can help you with a lot more than just getting around. It can also help you avoid tolls, find cheaper petrol, navigate buildings and airports, and even locate nearby electric scooters. Now it can also tell you how clean the air around you is.

A new level of air quality has been added to Google Maps to help users monitor their air quality index (AQI) and make informed decisions about their outdoor plans. Last year, the possibility was previewed. and is now widely available in many regions, including the United States and India.

In Google Maps, tap the layer icon and select the air quality level to check the AQI. When you switch to air quality view, Google Maps zooms out to get an overview of air quality over a larger area. To get more local results, you need to zoom in.

The air quality rating and the corresponding color dot for nearby air quality monitoring stations appear as small bubbles. When you click on a bubble, you will receive more information, including suggestions for outdoor activities and when the information was last updated.

Google Maps now lets you control air quality

Google Maps incorporates data from government monitoring stations as well as non-regulatory partners to calculate air quality. When data comes from other monitoring stations, Google takes the raw sensor measurements and calculates a weighted average using the NowCast algorithm, but when the data comes from other monitoring stations, Google takes the raw sensor measurements and calculates a weighted average. using the NowCast algorithm. PurpleAir air quality data is also available on Nest devices in the United States.

When looking for “air quality” followed by city / location Google Search, you can already check the air quality. On Android and iOS, Google Maps air quality level is now widely available.

Google Maps

The Google Maps app joined the $ 10 billion club last year. a team of applications with more than 10 billion downloads.

We can call this club exclusive. as the Google Maps service is just the third application you are participating in. Google Play and YouTube had done it before.

Of course, the fact that G Maps software is pre-installed on almost all Android headsets is responsible for the large number of downloads. Only gadgets for the Chinese market are an exception. Smartphones running Android Go, which includes a lite version of Google Maps called Maps Go, can also be highlighted.

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